Thursday , April 22 2021

6 curiosities you do not know

In recent years they have gained a lot of popularity crypto-vectors. Among them, we will know below some Bitcoin curiosities, the most famous digital currency in the world currently and most requested.

In fact, Bitcoin and other digital currencies like Eterium or Jota They have grown so much that investors, banks and other financial entities are strongly committed to this type of currency.

But, before continuing, remember, Bitcoin is a crypto-valency that is not controlled by central government. That is, there is no bank or government behind, but the currency in which miners use hardware and computers specialized in transaction processing that protects the network and collects digital currencies in exchange.

Bitcoin curiosities

Entering already into question with Bitcoin's curiosities, did you know that this coin is only a little over ten years old? His origins came in 2008 from the hands of Satoshi Nakamoto, a name that is known as a pseudonym, since no-one knows exactly the true identity of the creator.

And it is that Nakamoto, or whatever this person is called, has never been discovered. Some publications claim that it will be an individual who lives in California and is called Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, but never 100% verified. It is also unknown whether it is really Craig Wright, an Australian businessman who says he has evidence to prove he is the father of Bitcoin.

In 2010, the programmer called Laslo Haets successfully negotiated buying pizza for about 10,000 bitcoins. Today, it would be inconceivable, because, although the value of this virtual currency varies, that amount of cryptivalency would be valued at around $ 100 million.

In the world there are more and more companies, especially those who work online, thatThey pay bets in payments. There are even ATMs where they can be converted into money for legal monetary compensation. Of course, having Bitcoin is too expensive, but small parts of the currency called tokens can be obtained.

Governments are aware of the power of cryptography. In fact, the US Federal Reserve created the body that, after closing the location of darknet Silk Road, was made with about 144,000 battles, the value of which is well above $ 1,000 million.

And this is how this currency is, for example, Winklevoss twins, Zuckerberg's dismissals for stealing the idea of ​​creating Facebook are the owners of 11 million bitcoins, which is a huge treasure.

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