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12 Nordic walking enjoyment exercises

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5 healthy effects of Nordic walking

The sport was born in the early 1930s. The Finns, watching way to cross-country skiing in the summer, developed this activity.

However, the first reed specially designed for the Nordic march was produced in 1997. This was an important step, because allowed the technique to be refined and various modalities were born of it, quite similar in background (10-step methodology, alpha method …) and relevant organizations.

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In addition to making us feel good and connected to the landscape, it includes numerous benefits for the body:

1. Adjust the overweight

The body's largest energy store is in fat stores. Although it sounds contradictory, you can burn more fat by walking faster than running. When the body demands a quick response, it will require energy in the carbohydrate stores (glycogen) and to a lesser extent in the fat stores. When they go at a good pace, metabolism is given time to generate energy from these adinocytes.

Practice it Nordic walking Stable allows to lose weight and Build muscle by eliminating fat. If the change from sitting to physical activity is accompanied by good eating habits, we will soon look much better.

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2. Improves joints

The joints are like a door hinge: if not used, they oxidize. When you run, your body weight falls to your knee multiplied by three.

In the Nordic march, using the reeds, I know eliminates the spoiled effect on body weight and another softer is created. This allows the active tissue of the cartilage to be retained so that it can regenerate in a balanced manner, without deteriorating. The joint will stop accumulating waste up to gain mobility.

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3. Prevents osteoporosis

The same goes for bones: constant and controlled activity It makes the bones work to their true measure.

This exercise helps the bones assimilate calcium much better, that almost makes me "hungry" for him. That is why the Nordic march is prevented osteoporosis No need to take supplements.

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4. Improves the circulatory system

He heart work When the march takes place at a difficult pace, it helps to strengthen it. If you train regularly, your heart can pump more blood at each beat and at the same time mobilizes residues of calcium and cholesterol accumulated in the arteries.

This activity helps keep it going blood presureon cholesterol and the risk of heart disease

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5. Balances muscle toning

Nordic walking is a sport that works all the muscle groups in balance, which develop proportionally. This eliminates the typical pain of tension between one side and the other and gives it away back muscles with enough consistency to keep the spine in place.

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How is the Nordic walking technique?

  • The movement of the arms and legs is an alternativelike walking. That is, it progresses with the right hand and left foot, and then with the left hand and right foot. Although it seems obvious, a common mistake when sticks are at hand is to advance like a robot.
  • It doesn't consist of running like that At least one reed and one foot must always be in contact with the ground.
  • A notable aspect is the connection to the handle: it's not about draining all the time, it's about fluid catch and release game:
    • We snatch to shove us.
    • We release our hand as we go back.
  • Sticking reeds push on the ground until it exceeds the pelvic line. Then we bend it at an angle of approximately 60 degrees, creating a triangle shape tilted backwards.

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What equipment you need: reeds, slippers and comfortable clothing

They should a few specific reeds; They do not serve ski or hiking, they are different. The main difference is drag or belt, which enables the function of continuous grip and release without problems, impossible with other support.

To select a reed, three aspects must be borne in mind:

  • Intake and Intake, specific to this sport
  • At cane, which must be durable and lightweight
  • At advice, made of durable material and provided with rubber protection to use on hard surfaces.

The sticks are 5 to 5 cm high. At optimum height is measured with a reed without rubber protection: it must enable maintenance of 90 degree angular arm. Before you get one, it is good to try out a partner, as each body is different.

It will also be necessary a good shoes, but in this case, if we already have some hiking shoes, we can use them.

You must use comfortable clothing and more or less warm depending on the weather.

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Contact with nature, an additional benefit

Exceeded the first days, in which mastering the technique absorbs everything, fluidity emerges during the walk. Hands grab and release naturally. The feet cover more ground in their steps. The rhythms vary and the environment and partners begin to matter. That's when the Nordic march is displayed in all its width.

It allows us to get in touch with nature, knowing new ones roads and paths and proposing future challenges. We can look and enjoy the nature that awaits us.

We share with friends the sensations that reach us, satisfying the need for socialization.

As a therapist for many athletes, I also found in this activity, if the injury allows, to maintain fitness for the recovery period.

We can work on the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system with little impact. And the patient will not be so anxious to return to his other activity, sometimes early.

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