Saturday , September 26 2020

Zac Erz is great, but he cries when he doesn't get out of the way – ProFootballTalk


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Tight end of the eagles, Zac Erz had nine catches for 94 yards during Sunday's game against the Patriots, but none of those roles came third down or in the red zone, as the Eagles dropped to 17-10 at home.

Eagles head coach Doug Patterson admitted to the Patriots that they did a "good job" of keeping Erz in check during the cruel day for Hill's insult. Cornerback Stephon Gilmore played a big role in the Patriots' plan to tackle Erz and said after the game that frustration at the narrow end of things was starting to surface.

"She's crying," Gilmore said, via "He did it on film a lot. If you get into it. If he doesn't get the ball or get the call, he'll cry. But he is a good receiver. He's a good tight end. He is a great player. . . He is a great player, but when he does not, he will complain about the call. But who didn't? “

The Patriots have long been known for attempting to commit offenses by beating them without leading weapons. Given their offensive injuries, Erz clearly fulfilled that role for the Eagles and the Patriots largely accomplished their mission.

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