Friday , January 22 2021

You can buy the real Baby T-Rex online right now –

There are many weird things on eBay.

You can not find a T-Rex baby dwelling online, so sorry if the title boosts you.

You can get the hands of the T-Rex baby fossil.

The 68 million-year-old fossil was referred to by the professional fossil hunter Alan Detrick, along with "Buy Now" with a price of nearly $ 3 million.

Here's the CNBC with more:

The list, last updated on Tuesday, claims the artifact is "probably the only baby T-rex in the world," adding that the specimen has a body of 15 meters in length, 21 inch skull and teeth.

"This Rex was a very dangerous meat eating. It's a rare opportunity to really see a baby REX," she says. "Histology shows that the sample after death is approximately 4 years old.

Reconstruction of the skull is done by the curator of paleontology of vertebrates (from the Natural Science Museum in FL). "

Until recently, the fossil was a loan to the University of Kansas Natural History Museum. Detrich discovered the fossil in 2013.

Meanwhile, the Society for Paleontology of Vertebrates (SVP) published an open letter expressing "ethical concerns" that "the fossil, which is a unique part of the past of life, can be lost from the public's trust."

"His owner used the scientific significance of the sample, including his exhibit status in the CC, as part of his advertising strategy. Only throws and other replicas of fossils of 'vertebrates, and not fossils themselves,' should be traded, said SVP.

They have a point. This type of fossil should be publicly owned, in a museum.

If you wonder what T-Rex's baby would look like when he was alive, scientists have imagined here on the basis of the evidence they have discovered from fossils:

It's funny cute.

At the time of writing, the fossil is still on eBay.


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