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Will Denis Targarien be pregnant with John Snow's child?

One of the most controversial aspects of Game of Thrones it has always been her openness to show incest. While many claim that this is part of a reality inspired by the ancient British royal lineage, we have never seen a similar development of a plot in a fictional show. Even more disturbing in these incestuous relationships is the romance between John Snow (Keith Harington) and Danisaris Targarien (Emilia Clark).

In the show, Danny is the aunt of John's father. What makes it a bit disturbing by Lannister's incarnation – Kersey and Jamie are twins that are also physically connected – is the lack of transparency. Kersi and Jamie, who, apparently, are closer in genetics, know the facts and engage in their incestuous relationships. In the case of Danny and John, they are not aware that John is a child of elder brother Danny Rehar. As such, both are not aware of the relationship.

With the incest and the family tree discovered – both John and Danny now know their relationship – the bigger question is what will happen if they have a baby together?

Deny should not be able to have children

Theoretically, Danny can not carry children. This is back on the previous days when she had a stillborn kid from Cal Drogo. If you remember, this happened because witch Miri Ma Dur used a spell of blood to bring Drogo back to life by sacrificing the baby's life for the other. After this moment, it is believed that Danny will never have children again based on this curse and what the witch says.

But with John, things can change. He even told Danny in a key scene last season that Mirri Maz Duur may not be a reliable source of information. Also, in the world of Game of Thrones, everything is possible.

If Danny have a baby, what will be the reaction?

With a remainder of only a month and a half Game of Thrones to complete, Dauriers to be pregnant and give birth, will need to require a significant time to jump. Other theories suggest she may have been pregnant for some time and still does not understand her.

If so, birth may be earlier than we think. If such a thing happens, the baby Targaryen will certainly enter a dangerous world. Not only did her parents fight the night king, but they could fight for the throne.

In Vesteros, the Danny's child may be in great danger of being killed in the middle of the White Volkers War or by those who despise Danny. We all know how many enemies this has, which means that they will have to live in isolation somewhere or find a way to bring more protection for the family.

Plus, let's not forget that this is a risky intersection, which in the West is as dangerous as it is real. This could mean that Baby Targaryen grows and is a little unstable as some of his ancestors Targaryen. The only way to determine for sure is whether Game of Thrones went forward to the future in the end to see if Vesteros really mastered the benevolence.

Officers may die as a sacrifice to have a heir to the throne

All theories about Daniier who die before seeing the last episode, have a good chance. Perhaps if she died, it would be a sacrificial type of death, in order to ensure that Targaryen's successor would outlive her.

What we hope does not happen is if she becomes a night queen as some theories claim. Having a child on the trail would mean that the heir to Targarien may one day get the ice, making Vesteros rule indefinitely.

Perhaps this is the route in which the show takes place, because it has already given us so much darkness, usually with a purpose. George R. R. Martin has good thoughts about all deaths and destruction, but he may be softie for a happier ending. Then again, it can be somewhere between happy and dark as a way to provide something for everyone.

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