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Why does Kendal Jenner grow up as if she did not "fit" with her sisters?

Kendal Jenner can meet as someone with almost no uncertainty, but that was not the case for her breeding.

The supermodel recently opened up to her experiences growing up with her famous sisters and how she did not like how different her body was on their side.

The sisters of Kardashian-Jenner
The Kardashian-Jenner sisters stay together | Jeff Vespa / Getty Images for Armani

Now that Jenner is older, she realizes that although her body is different from her sisters, she learns to accept him more.

Kendal believed that not enough "sexy"

Today, Kendall Jenner is considered one of the most beautiful and sought after models in the industry.

Just a few years ago, the high fashion model was not so confident in her body as it is now.

In a recent interview with Telegraph, Kendal Jenner revealed that it was time she often compared her body with her sisters.

Maintenance with Kardashians 2018 E! People's Election Prizes - Backstage
Kloe Kardashian, Kendal Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Kurtny Kardashian, and Chris Jenner | Todd Williamson / E! Entertainment / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

"My sisters have a lot of curves from me," says Kendal. "They have chests and I have no breasts. As if growing up like this little girl, I saw my sisters and always thought:" Oh, no, should not I be sexy like them? ""

Since Kendall Gennner never had the same type of body as Kim, Claw, Kurtney and Kylie, the supermodel felt that it "did not fit" and was always peculiar.

She never felt that she fit into one of her sisters

You can understand why Kendal Jenner never felt like fitting with Kurtney, Kim and Chloe Kardashian, seeing they were a couple of years older.

However, there was a time Jenner felt as if she did not fit in with her younger sister, Kylie.

In November 2018, the supermodel shared how hard it grew, and Kylie Jenner was more popular than her.

"I was sitting in my room very crying because Kylie had so many friends, and I did not know what to do. It was really like," I'll never have friends. ""

Now that Kendal Ganner is the highest-paid woman in the world, she no longer considers it necessary to compare her sisters and to love everything that separates her family.

She learned to accept her figure

Although Kendal Jenner grew up, she wanted to have curves like her sisters, having become a fashionable model, she could embrace her body.

Jenner has found a huge amount of success as a tall, thin woman and no longer compares with her four sisters.

Together with her body, Kendal thinks that her personality differs from everyone else in her family, which is something she delights.

"I like that I have a different atmosphere for everyone," she says at the exit. "I want to do different things, and that's fine."

While the Sisters Kardashian-Jenner are known for their open-minded personalities, Kendall Ganner tends to keep herself up a little while.

Now that Kendal Jenner is older, she no longer needs to fit in with her sisters and will always be loved exactly as she is.

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