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Why do fans want Jenelle to replace Barbara?

It seems that Jeanne Evan's life is falling apart. MTV fired it from a real show, Teenage Mommy 2, and she is lost from the custody of all her children. Two of the children are in the custody of Evan's mother, Barbara.

Janelle Evans
By Genoa Evans Teen Mom 2 | Fraer Harrison / Getty Images

While fans seem to understand why Dzenel is no longer part of the show, they offered a suggestion that Barbara should replace Teen Mom 2. Why will people say this, and will it ever happen? Let's have a look at what's happening with Janelle and Barbara.

The family life of Geneel Evan

Evans has three children. Her oldest, Jess, is 9 years old and lives with his mother, Barbara, for most of her life. She also has a son named Kaiser, who lives with his father Nathan Griffith and a daughter, named Ensley, which Janeel shares with her current husband, David Easton.

Evan's current husband, David Easton, is in the news about his temperament. In fact, the video appeared, showing him going to an angry tirade, while the children were at home.

In addition to the daughter that Easton shares with Evans, Easton has two children from previous relationships, Kaden, who lives with his mother, and Merissa, who lived with Easton and Evans, until recently he did not come to court.

Why did Jennifer lose her custody?

While we do not know the exact details of the child protection case against them, we know that the investigation started as a result of the killing of the Easton family.

According to Easton, the dog was one of the children and protected the family by shooting the dog. After the incident, he wrote to Instagram, "Whether it will be your dog or mine, the dog is a dog and I do not really respect that sh * t. I am protecting my family, it's the mission of my life. people are worth killing or dying, and my family means a lot to me. "

Evans and Easton are currently fighting in court to be given custody of their children.

Why fans expect Barbara Evans to replace Geneel Evans on "Teen Mom 2"

Barbara already takes care of Evan's son, Jasse, most of the time. When other children were removed from the homes of Evan and Easton, Ensley was also placed in the care of Barbara.

Recently, Barbara shared a photo of children playing on the beach to Instagram. Fans were happy to see the children happy and well-cared for.

Instagram's photos received comments like: "Waiting for all the updated Barbey pictures! You'll be missed Teen mom Mom 2!"Another fan wrote:" I would like to stay and replace Dzenel. You are hell of a good grandmother and your grandchildren adore you. I'm so happy that Ensley is finally safe and you need to fight hard to save it, because David will surely hurt her somewhere along the way. I hope that Jane finally sees the light and leaves it before it's too late. "

Should Barbara replace Jenelle to "Teen Mom 2"?

Obviously, fans think Barbara is doing a good job of raising her grandchildren. Should she need to replace Jenelle on the show? Given the exhibition is called Teen Mom 2, with the grandmother as the main star does not fit into the topic. I'm sure fans are eager for updates about how kids do, but is reality really the best way to do it?

At this point, children are likely to appreciate some kind of peace in their lives, and they should not be watched by cameras. Can you imagine being a child, getting rid of your mother, then following the cameramen and trying to document your life? What they need for these children is now peace and quiet, far from the public's eyes.

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