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UCLA, Cal State LA Quarantine students who can not prove that they have had measles vaccinations – CBS Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA / AP) – A quarantine order has been issued to hundreds of students and employees at two major Los Angeles universities – the University of California, Los Angeles and the California State University in Los Angeles that may have been exposed to measles and either have not been vaccinated or could not confirm that they have immunity.

UCLA reported that there were 119 students from Wednesday and eight faculty members were ordered to avoid contact with others. However, by Friday morning the number has fallen, with fewer than 50 employees and students who have yet to prove their immunization status. A student stayed quarantined on campus.

L.A. County Department of Public Health at a press conference on the release of quarantine at UCLA and Cal State LA. due to the occurrence of measles. April 25, 2019. (CBS2)

From Friday, Cal State L.A. that there were 656 employees and students who were sent home.

UCLA Chancellor Jen Block has announced quarantine in a statement confirming that a UCLA student has concluded smallpox.

"We were also informed that the student attended classes at Franz Holl and the Boehler Hall for three days – on April 2, 4 and 9 – until he was infected." The student did not enter other buildings while on campus, "Blok wrote.

"Dozens" of such orders were issued to students and employees who were in the North Korean Library on April 11, between 11 am and 3 am, officials said at a press conference Thursday afternoon.

L.A. Public Health Office "found that there is no known current risk associated with measles in the library at this time," wrote Cal LA.

Any student who has been exposed to a confirmed case of measles who could not provide evidence of two doses of measles vaccines or a laboratory-confirmed immunity for measles will be issued a warrant for quarantine health officers authorizing the exposed person to stay in their residence.

A person must also be notified of district health workers if they develop symptoms of measles and avoid contact with others by the end of their quarantine or until they provide evidence of immunity.

Quarantine for measles may be up to 21 days from the date of the last exposure, with the exposed person no longer at risk of developing the disease and spreading measles to others.

"Both universities are helping to implement quarantine orders and determine how best to support students who must be quarantined and living on campus," the LACPHH said in a statement.

There are five confirmed measles cases in LA. Counties, of which at least two have not been vaccinated, say officials.

The latest case was confirmed by a person who arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport on April 18, traveled through the Tom Bradley International Terminal afternoon and then departed from Port 37A, Terminal 3 later that night.

State health officials say the number of cases of measles this year in California is increasing and the bulk of the increase is related to foreign travel.

Dr Karen Smith, director of the Public Health Department in California, said the country had registered 38 measles cases Thursday, versus 11 in the same period last year. She says the state usually sees less than a dozen cases a year.

In 2015, there were 131 confirmed cases of measles after the epidemic originating from Disneyland.

This year, cases in California are spreading through 11 districts – including five new cases in LA. County – and concern patients from 5 months to 55 years.

She says more than 76 per cent of patients were not vaccinated or received the recommended two doses of the vaccine.

Fourteen of the infected traveled abroad, including the Philippines, Thailand, India and Ukraine.

Symptoms of measles include high fever, cough and rashes. The health services call people – especially around small children or elderly – to check immunization documents. Young people and the elderly are most susceptible to the virus.

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