Saturday , October 19 2019
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Twitter bans Laura Lambert, Activist from the far right

An investigative journalist known for his endurance for leftist liberals has been banned from Twitter, according to a report Wednesday. Laura Lumber, the centerpiece of Illumiate Media, told The Daily Beast that she was launched by Twitter for recent comments on US-elected representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN), the first Muslim elected for the Congress.

"This will not be the end of Laura Lambert," Lamer told The Daily Beast.

Lamer said she was banned from the popular social media for tweeting Omar was an "anti-Jew".

"Is not it ironic that as a twitter the moment used to celebrate" women, LGBTQ and minorities "is a picture of Ilhan Omar?", Lammer announced. "Ilhan is pro sharia Ilhan is a pro-FGM under the Sharia, gays are oppressed and killed. Women are abused and forced to wear a hijab." Ilhan is against the Hebrew. "

Lamer had more than a quarter million followers on Twitter, and she was known for her digital attacks on Muslims. After a series of clear directions to Muslim drivers for Uber and Lift in 2017, the two passenger carriers banned Lomér.

Lomer pushes herself by shouting prominent Democrats in what she calls "Luming". She calls herself "a martyr" for right-wing issues, even going as far as President Donald Trump and his supporters are soon to be noticed.

"I'm sure Trump will get the wind on this," Lommer told Daily Beast.

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