Thursday , April 22 2021

Tucker Carlson's surprise for Elizabeth Warren

"Yesterday, Warren announced what she was calling her plan for economic patriotism. Amazingly, that's pretty much what it is." Economic patriotism, "said Carlson, as part of an astonishing monologue who opened his Fox News Show.

He praised Democratic Democrat recipes in Massachusetts and said that many "make an obvious sense".

"She says the US government should buy US products when it can, and, of course, need it." She says we need more programs for schooling, because four-year college degrees are not right for everyone. "She says taxpayers should benefit from the research and development they pay," said Carlson.

The praise is still surprising given the recent history of the presidential candidate with the Carlson network.

Last month, Warren announced that he refused an invitation from Fox News to participate in the city hall with the network, quitting the exit as a racket of hate for profits giving him a megaphone of racist and conspirators.

Warren said the town hall featuring Democratic Presidential Candidates "gives the Fox Sales team a way to tell potential sponsors it's safe to buy Fox ads – no harm to their brand or reputation (spoiler: it's not ). "

That rhetoric did not seem to bother Carlson on Wednesday.

He read large portions of Warren's job position, revealing her economic policy plan, among which: "We often see American companies explore and use it to produce products overseas, as Apple did with iPhone- Companies are enriching and US taxpayers subsidize the creation of low-wage foreign jobs. "

"It sounds like Donald Trump at its best," said Carlson.

Karlson read the words of Warren without mentioning his name, and then said: "Let's say you regularly vote for a Republican." Ask yourself: "What part of the statement you heard did not agree?" Was there a word that seems wrong to you? Probably not. "

"Here is a depressing part – for whom you have not voted for it, or will I ever say that," he said.

"Republicans in Congress can not promise to protect US industries, they would not dare to do it … They could surprise the Koch brothers. He can alienate libertarian ideologists who are today financed by most republican campaigns "said.

"So, no, the Republicans did not say that." Unfortunately, the words that you have heard are and are fastened here – Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

Carlson's biggest fans were probably not surprised. He often leads his night show with anti-elitist essays and often expresses criticism for the escape of free market capitalism.

He said that her proposal did not mention "identity politics" or "hysterics for arms control or climate change" or "surrender to the plight of transgender illegal immigrants".

"It's just a pure, old-fashioned economy," Carlson said. "How to save well-paid, American jobs".

Carlson says that if the GPP "tries to teach" the lessons of the presidential election in 2016, Republicans in Congress will regularly say such things: "I am deeply grateful for the opportunities America has given me, but the giant" American "corporations that control our economy does not seem to feel the same way. They certainly do not behave like that. " "

He continued to read from Warren's post, "Of course, these companies are flailing the flag – but they do not have loyalty or loyalty to America." "

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