Wednesday , January 27 2021

Trailer Speech: Scene Scene Copy of Bahagmati

At first glance, the creators of “Durgamati” presented the trailer and at first glance, the actress Bumi Peddenkar impresses. As we know, “Durgamati” is the official remake of the star of Anushka Sheti, “Bahagmati”, the trailer starts on the same note that shows the haunted house.

The mysteries behind them should be chased, and Bumi, who is a prisoner, is housed in a haunted house. There is a series of events in which Boomi is harassed and beaten. And finally, Boomi blinks in the titular role of “Durgamati” and scores goals.

Although Bumi is a great performer, the only downside we see in the visuals is, she does not carry that aura and a huge person like Anushka, but still lives according to the character she played.

The other main cast of the film includes Arshad Varshi, Mahi Gil and Issuis Saint-Gupta.

Ashok, the director of the original film, is leading the Bollywood version and “Durgamati” will be released by OTT. Amazon Prime will air this movie from December 11th.

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