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The woman says her elderly mother with Alzheimer's was left out of her care at 2 o'clock.

Long Beach residents, Costanza Genoa Zerbie, said that her mother, Savina Jenoose Zerbie, was taken from Redzins Palms on January 12, when she helped to live in the emergency room in the Medical Center College after making suicide comments .

A few hours after Zerby entered the EP, her daughter said, the hospital put her in the cabin back to Regency Palms, where she arrived around 2:15 pm on January 13th.

A safety video shows an elderly woman dressed in a bathrobe and sandals and wearing a large envelope. She tries to open the front door unsuccessfully, and then pounds on her several times before she leaves.

Another security video shows her walking up and down the dark street before returning to the door. Her daughter said she was finally released into an assisted care facility around 3 am. It's not clear who put it in her mouth.

The daughter will meet with hospital staff

Costanza Zerbie said she had filed a complaint with the Public Health Department in California against the College Medical Center for returning her mother to the car care cabin.

"My mother has the cognitive abilities of the child," she told CNC subsidiary KCAL. "It's like taking a kid and throwing him in the street at night – it's crazy. It's criminal."

Savina Zerby rejected the offer to help transport and asked to be taken home, the hospital's correspondent reports, according to the subsidiary. She added that a relative and care facility was told that they were fired.

Costanza Zerbi said her mother was particularly vulnerable because she had just begun to live in an assisted health facility and had difficulty adapting to her new life.

The reason for the appeal against the hospital is not to sue, but to create awareness and provide the hospital to improve the way it treats patients like her mother, she said.

"I would just like to see that the hospital is working more responsibly," she said.

CNN called Redžins Palms, the College Medical Center, and the California Public Health Department, but did not hear back.

California's Public Health Department told Long Beach Press-Telegram that details of ongoing investigations were kept privately until the investigation was completed.

The Medical Center College defended its activities, saying it was in line with the patient's dismissal regulations, but would discuss concerns with the Zerby family, KCAL reported.

The daughter plans to meet with hospital staff on February 11. She said her mother remains in Regency Palms.

Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia, a general term for memory loss and intellectual abilities. It is a slow motion that starts with memory loss and ends with severe brain damage.

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