Saturday , April 17 2021

The Supreme Court could ignore the shocking evidence of a new census of citizens

Activists voting to fight the government's attempt to add censorship to citizenship faced failure Wednesday, when a federal district court postponed an investigation into new evidence that the issue originated from a partisan operative who hoped to benefit from "non-Hispanic white people."

The case and the question they need to make regarding the newly introduced evidence are now in the hands of the Supreme Court, which is expected to rule in the next three weeks.

The ACLU, the New York Immigration Coalition and others hoped that Judge Jesse Furman would allow expedited disclosure in the case. This will allow them to explore more evidence and potentially question government officials about what they know and when.

Evidence consisted of evidence found on the late operative's hard drive and contradicted by a solemn testament by government officials who said they had brought the issue of citizenship on their own. Researching that evidence is likely to lead to more dangerous information, and is likely to cause the Supreme Court to calm its own considerations.

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