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The reason Prince Harry and Meghan Markle won't have a peaceful Christmas … Even in America


Megan Markle's life has been nothing but peaceful since she married Prince Harry. Having joined the royal family, she had the misfortune of viewing and bias in the media. She has not had a moment to enjoy her title or be a new mother because the British media has been attacking her since she said: "I.

Prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex, and Megan, the Duchess of Sussex
Prince Harry, Duchess of Sussex and Megan, Duchess of Sussex | Toby Melville – WPA Pool / Getty Images

This holiday season after a particularly rough time, Markle and Prince Harry decide to give up the usual celebrations in Sandringham and spend Christmas in the United States, but will Mark get some peace there?

Megan Markle and Prince Harry's vacation plans

As this is Archie Harrison's first Thanksgiving Day at Montserrat Windsor, Mark and Harry want him to spend time in America with Mark's family, including her mother, Doriah Ragland.

The original plan was that the couple would spend Thanksgiving in the United States and then return to the United States for Christmas. But now, the couple changed their minds.

Why don't Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spend Christmas with the Queen?

Prince Harry has spent every Christmas with the Queen except when she was in Afghanistan in 2012. Markle has also been present at these celebrations for the past two years. But this year, the couple needed a break from it all.

"Christmas in Sandringham can be quite stressful, so maybe they don't want to go with Archie at such an early age," said Royal biographer Ingrid Seeward. "Having said that, Sandringham has played host to many kids through the ages and is well prepared for them."

"I think it's sad that they don't want to be part of the family gathering, especially now that the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are at their point. The queen may be slightly hurt, but she is too graceful to ever allow herself to be shown or known, ”Ciard continued.

"It seems to have nothing to do with Archie and to do with their personal feelings," Seeward said.

Will Meghan Markle have a peaceful Christmas?

If Markle and Prince Harry try to escape the United States during the holidays, hoping to get a break from all the research and media attention they receive, then they are in a rude awakening. Several publications have already begun to write that Mark suffocates the Queen by wanting to spend the holidays with her own family after spending the last two years with Harry.

Take a look at this post on Instagram

In Tembisa, Johannesburg, today the Duke and Duchess have been meeting with young entrepreneurs at the FAS Center – a basket of creativity and social enterprise. Their visit was an amazing tour of originality and opportunity – to see businesses ranging from food to basic sanitary products for local women. During their visit, they were able to sample food from "Chef Mish" – a local master of the craft – which he does at the site as part of his catering business and cafe. They then joined FAS members in the community to participate in training and tests to help them acquire skills and find work. At the third stop today, Entrepreneur Moss showed Duke and Duchess organic products growing in the aquaponics neighborhood – supplying local restaurants. And finally, the Duke and Duchess met the women behind the incredible flower care solutions – which make 80,000 sanitary pads every month for women in their community. They are 100% compostable and provide an essential low cost product for women and girls. The Duchess has long campaigned on the issue and wrote in Time magazine in 2017, saying: "In communities around the world, the potential of young girls is crumbling because we're too shy to talk about the most natural thing in the world. I say this: we need to stimulate conversation, mobilize policymaking about menstrual health initiatives, support organizations that promote girls' education in the country, and within our own homes, we must rise above our Puritan bush when it is about talking about menstruation.

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The media are unlikely to stop writing stories about the royal couple just because they are no longer in the UK.

Megan Markle's problem with the media

Prince Harry recently revealed that he and Markle are suing their parent company Mail on Sunday for their defamatory treatment of Markle.

"Unfortunately, my wife has become one of the latest victims of the British tabloid press to campaign against individuals, without thinking about the consequences – a ruthless campaign that escalated over the past year, during her pregnancy and while raising our newborn son," Wrote Harry in an open letter.

"For these selected media this is a game, and one we didn't want to play from the beginning," he continued. “For too long I have been a quiet witness of her private suffering. To give back and do nothing would be contrary to everything we believe in. "

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