Sunday , September 20 2020

The Packers' 24-16 studios and friends defeated the Panthers in Week 10


The Green Bay Packers returned from a forgettable trip to Los Angeles with a memorable victory over Carolina Panthers in the snowy Lambeu Field on Sunday 10th.

Matt Laffler's team is now 8-2 and has two top-seeded NHC players coming in this weekend.

Here are the poles and hooks from the Packers' win:

DL Kenny Clark: Game statement number 97. He was at least three sacks away and put in a back-bar of at least eight different double plays. The Panthers often tried to block one-on-one with center Matt Paradis, but that was a big mistake. Clark was too strong and too fast. In the second scratch performance, Clark enters Paradis in the back and ousts Christian Mac Coffrey after a short gain. Later, he diagnosed the third down screen and was the first defender there to stop it. Thinking about those missed sacks during the week, but don't be surprised if you explode for more sacks at some point in the last six weeks.

OL Elgon enenkins: Another state of the art performance from the rookie rookie striker. It allowed no pressure and was the primary opening for several explosive routes. On the 3rd and 9th of Poker's first touchdown run, Enenkins looked beaten but recovered, went through a trick and then completely eliminated rookie Brian Burns from the rush. His block at the moment of the attack opened the first fall of Aaron onesons. In the third quarter it dominated. A few pieces by Ama Williams Williams all came from behind the blocking of Enenkins.

WR Davante Adams: A week after producing just 41 yards on 11 targets, Adams turned his 10 goals into 118 yards. He caught a pair of passes for over 30 yards, including one that set up a touchdown and another that turned 2 and 26. His catch of 38 yards was a thing of beauty. He won the line, positioned the back corner vertically and then waited until the last second to lay his hands on the catch, not allowing the corner to find the ball or play. At the Packers 'first touchdown drive, Adams' patient slot track made it easy to finish 15 yards. His total yard gain would have been more than 150 if he had finished in a shot from Rogers in the second half. Donte acksexon broke it down in the last second. With a little better throwing, Adams could make the catch uncontrollable and score.

Darius Smith: It's hard to believe he didn't have a sack. Several times, he won immediately, but could not get Kyle Allen to the ground. In a hurry, he came in with a strong intro and beat the left tackle clean, forcing a restraining penalty and eventually creating a sack for Tyler Lancaster. Two plays later, he was in the back in less than two seconds, but Allen got rid of it. He's always an effective inside hitter against guards.

OLB Preston Smith: Both bags went down to third. The first was the result of sheer speed and speed around the corner. He climbed to the outer shoulder, accelerated through contact and chased the quarterback in his pocket. Kyle Allen was lucky to keep the ball. The second sack looked similar. He used quick hands and feet to get the edge and turn the corner, and Kenny Clark's inner pressure kept Allen as he needed to get into his pocket. Finally, Smith finished the final game of the stoppage time after Killer Hackel hit Christian Mac Coffrey in the back.

RB Aaron onesons: He's such a special player. He made Luke Quatchley miss the hole in his 5-yard attempt to open the game. In his 28-yard scam in the second half, he made a sharp cut inside, stormed into second-tier and thwarted a diving attempt. At times, he seems to fly across the grass at a different speed than everyone around him. His third touch was a perfect example. Three defenders attacked him, but he exploded in the second level and left all three in the dust. The Safeties must have nightmares about trying to deal with him in the open field. In the fourth quarter, Owensons turned a loss of reliable fire into an explosive run as he stretched out and turned the corner after the Panthers turned the middle. He also had a 16-yard field goal with a penalty kick and Rogers missed it wide in the middle of the field for what would have been an easy breakthrough in the third quarter.

Adrian Amos: Two points-saving plays make Amos a worthy place here. He read Kyle Allen's eyes and was supposed to break the end zone in the third quarter, but his ball play still made it an easy choice for Tram Williams behind him. It took at least three points from the board. Amos later moved from the middle of the field and threw a two-point attempt.

WR Marquez Valdes-Scanning: Played only 11 rebounds. It is clear that Jake Koummerow and Alan Lazard have passed the depth chart. For one goal, Valdez-Scanning made a disappointing effort in Aaron Rogers' deep corner kick. Over the last three games, he has had one catch on four yards.

PC Scott: Like last year, Scott struggled in cold, winter conditions. He averaged 35.3 yards per player and twice gave the Panthers an excellent position on the field with bad kicks, including a 32-yard touchdown pass in the first half. A pair of points within the 20-yard line in the second half helped to redeem the performance. He must be better in adverse weather.

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