Thursday , January 28 2021

The lyrics of Kim Fox reveal her frustration in the case of Judy Smalllet

"Sooo …… I am receptive, but when people accuse us of recharging cases … 16 points of class 4 (crime) becomes exhibition A," she wrote on the same day when the Cook County Mayor accused Smollett for disorderly conduct charges.

Foxx continued to make a comparison between Smollett's case and the other.

"The pedophile with 4 victims counts 10. Washed the whole world lying to police officers 16. In a case that has the right to delay prosecution I think it is an indicator of something we should look at generally. Just because we can pay something means that it should. "

These texts and other communications between Foxx, her staff at the Attorney General's Office and people outside their office were obtained by CNN through open records.

Foxx said in a statement released Tuesday that it had contacted Jozef Magats, a lawyer for the first assistant, following Smollet's charge of "reviewing a review of office policies to ensure consistency in our collection and the use of an appropriate collection authority."

"I was elected to bring criminal justice reforms and this includes intent, consistency and discretion. I will continue to support these guiding principles," Fox added.

The materials shed light on the frustrations and pressure that faces Fox's office when dealing with the Smollet case.

Last month, the state's law office rejected 16 criminal charges against the actor, "Imperia", who was accused of committing a hate crime against him in Chicago. Smollett agrees to lose $ 10,000 in bail and to do community service.

As news reports said that all charges were dropped, Foxx staff struggled to cope with media demands and faced criticism from Chicago police.

"I just want to predict the size of this response and plan a bit better," the lawyer for Cook, Riza Lanier, wrote in a text message.

Chief Inspector Patrick Blanchard will investigate how the Foxx office dealt with the case.

The prosecutor said she had never been actively involved in the case since the crime was the lowest level of a crime, but she received updates until an email from the chief ethical officer to her staff was sent to her staff, ordering them not to engage in the discussion of the investigation .

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