Wednesday , June 23 2021

The first official Pokemon Tamagotchi will give the owners their own Eevee

Tamagori inspired Pokemon devices have existed for some time now, but the new collaboration between the company Pokemon and Tamagoti brings a pocket monster to the real pockets of people.

Tamagotchi and Pokemon have teamed up with the first official Pokemon Tamagotchi, which will allow owners to take care of their own Eevee. Plus, each Eevee has the potential to develop into one of the eight lovely creatures of the Pokemon: Espion, Umbrian, Silveon, Vaporeleon, Flairon, Jolteon, Lefeon, and Glasseon.

Tamagoti Pokemon

All eight possible evolutions of Eevee.
Image: Tamagotchi

The Tamagotchi Nano will be released in Japan in January 2019, according to the Japanese website for the gadget. It is not currently the date of publication of North America. Tamagoti first spread about speculation earlier this month after information leaked, but this has not been confirmed to date.

Although this is the first official collaboration with Tamagotsi and Pokémon, it's not the first time Pokémon has been exploring a physical digital pet for the players. Jeb Pikachu, who was inspired by the amazing success of Tamagotschi, was released in 1998. It's allowed Pokemon fans to wear around a small Pikachu in his pocket. Then, in 2010, Pokémon issued the PokéWalker, which was essentially a pedometer showing a small Pikachu.

Eevee Tamagotchi is available in an appropriate brown and pink hard shell, and will be sold for about $ 20.

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