Thursday , January 21 2021

The federal stimulus package will give “more degrees of freedom” for a possible blockade, says Governor Phil Murphy

Considering whether or not to impose more restrictions on New Yorkers coronavirus cases are rising, said Governor Phil Murphy a federal incentive package would provide “more degrees of freedom”. The governor suggested closing the business would be too damaging without help from the federal government.

“If we see a shift, we will take action whether the Federal Reserve supports funding or not, but if it is a close call to the margins and you have a federal incentive in size that can help these poor small business owners, restaurant owners, “People who are unemployed give you more degrees of freedom, without question,” Murphy told CBS this morning.

Democrats and Republicans in Congress have been at a dead end for months over the new stimulus package, with many pandemic relief programs running out of funds or expiring in December.

New Jersey, like many states across the nation, has seen a sharp rise in cases in recent weeks. Murphy announced new restrictions last week, limiting indoor gatherings to 10 and outdoor gatherings to 150. But there is no warrant for staying home as it was in the spring when coronavirus cases first increased.

Murphy said the state “has no other choice in the spring.”

“This is something we knew nothing about as a nation, honestly as a global health community. It is an advantage today. We know a lot more,” he said. “We have been around for several months and we have to keep the fear, but we know a lot more. We have a lot more capacity and the vaccine scene is real. They are coming. They will be safe. They will be effective. “But in the next two to three months, we are in a tough war.”

Murphy begged people not to gather for the upcoming holidays.

“Celebrate only with your immediate family and please do not do it with grandparents,” he said.

The governor also responded to a recent incident where he and his family were accentuated while having dinner outside. He called the incident “unfortunate” but said he understood the level of stress was high.

“I’m a big guy. I can take it. My wife can take it. I would rather people be more civil and leave our children out of this, but I’m totally getting stressed,” he said. “The stress level is extremely high. You lost a job, you lost a business, you lost a loved one. I can not blame people who are stressed. I would just preach that we should try to find ways to get together, crazy. This is not forever. “Forever. We had a difficult few months ahead of us, but we will get through this. We need to do it together.”

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