Monday , October 25 2021

The Ex-Browns Hue Jackson coach goes to Cincinnati


CINCINNATI – Former coach Cleveland Browns, Hue Jackson, returns this week to the Bengals training staff for the third stage in Cincinnati, where he was appointed a special assistant to the head coach.

"I have a high level of comfort with Hue and his ability to help me with my daily duties in defense, including analyzing our opponents and helping me on game days with players and defensive coaches," said Bengals coach Marvin Lewis. statement.

Bengals dismissed Teryl Austin's defense coordinator on Monday after a defeat of 51-14 with defeats to Saints.

"I'm happy to be able to join the Bengal this season," Jackson said in a statement. "There are many talents in this team and I am looking forward to completing the race this season."

Lewis took on the role of provoking defensive dramas. Asked on Monday how he would deal with additional duties, Lewis smiled and said, "I have a plan."

Asked to join Jackson to the staff, Lewis laughed and said, "Watch out and see."

It's no secret that Jackson and Lewis have mutual sympathy for each other, which comes from many years. Jackson called Lewis his best friend, and Lewis called him a brother he never had.

Jackson was a coach of the Bengali public in 2004-2006, a secondary assistant and coach of special teams in 2012, a coach in 2013 and an offensive coordinator from 2014 to 15.

The two men talk almost every week on the phone and often speak out loud about each other, so it was speculated that Jackson might have returned to Cincinnati after he was released in Cleveland on October 29. But the Bengali source said early after the shelling that brought Jackson, was not immediate, and Lewis refused to answer any questions at the press conference shortly after the announcement of this movement.

"I'm not going to make headlines," he said at the time.

It seemed that the situation had changed this week after Austin had left, and Lewis had taken on additional responsibilities. It would not be the first time Lewis brought him.

Lewis found Jackson in the band after Jackson was fired after just one season at Oakland in 2011, and Jackson was close to staying in the lead role in Cincinnati.

Both men proposed a plan of succession to Bengals, who Jackson would take over after Lewis gave in, but Jackson eventually went to Cleveland and passed 3-36-1 before he was released.

The length and details of Jackson's contract in Cincinnati have not been disclosed.

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