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The chiefs focused on fixing the little things that became a big problem

Andy Reid had previously seen this team of Kansas City Chiefs in combat. Look at the 1-5 start in 2013 or the back-to-back losses at the end of the 2018 season. It's not always about how those struggles happen, but how the team can respond to them.

For the Chiefs for 2019, Reed believes they have a team that can get back on track. These include several different items, such as positivity, honesty, and trust, but it all ends with identifying and working on fixing the little things.

"Staying positive is one of them, but it is also real with the mistakes that are happening," Reed said during a media availability Monday. "This is both coaches and players. You have to trust each other. You can't lose it. If we can all do it and learn to improve, this is where you go. With full NHL parity, it's not always a big deal, it's the little things that complement you and you have to fix. "

Following the Houston Texans' 31-24 defeat, several Chiefs players complained of minor problems plaguing the team. Line controller Darron Lee identified some of these problems for chiefs.

"You have to bow down," Lee said. "That's why we're here, that's why we are professionals. You have to bow down. You go out and stop, make plays. The teams are going to try to do that, so you have to make up your mind properly. Another highlight today was the penalties. Penalties can extend those drives. Don't shoot at the foot, that's all. Whether it be penalties or missed tackles, I had two crucial ones today that should never have happened. We will definitely get it fixed and ready for Thursday. I have faith in all the guys on this defense and in this dressing room. We'll be back pretty quickly. "

Defensive end Frank Clark is one of the most critical defenders in Kansas City. He believes that the chiefs of the collective have lost their aggression and passion for stopping the escape.

"It has to restart," Clark said. "Sometimes you move away from being trained and trained to do it in spring and summer. I feel like this is one thing we need to do. We must return to our aggression, our passion for stopping the escape. As you can see, at the beginning of the season, after six weeks, we failed to do so. This is honest.

"With over 100 yards rushing against our opponents each week, some backs are more famous than others, but we make everyone look great. We make every return we play look wonderful. For the most part, the offenses we play will not close this year. It's something we have to do to win. We cannot continue to pressure our punishment to do everything. We can't continue to pressure those guys to get the job done. We know what they can do, but we need to give them more opportunities. We have to slow down the game in defense so we don't get these extended drives, nine-game drives, 10-game drives. "

While defense is obviously difficult for mistakes and mistakes, the offense is not free of guilt. They had a decent share of drops, penalties, protection problems and accidents. Defense Chief Patrick Mahomes knows that the offense should do the small show better.

"You have to keep trying to do and believe in what we do," Mahomes said Monday. "I feel like there are shows here and there every match-changing match and that's how close it is to the NHL. Every team can win every week. So, it's the small shows here and there that can change the whole aspect of a football game. "

Some of those small plays that Mahomes talked about were at the beginning of the Chiefs' offensive possession against the Texans, which really disrupted any progress, especially late in the game. It is somehow convincing that the chiefs are honest with themselves about these struggles and are not trying to hide or play the game of guilt.

As the Chiefs work to fix these little things that have contributed to losing two games, they will face a big test. The Broncos are uniquely built to attack two of Kansas City's most glaring defenses and defend the defense. It certainly doesn't help that they will only have a short week to prepare as they head to the football road on Thursday. Regardless, a win against an AC West opponent could help change the momentum of the Chiefs team, which is currently moving in the wrong direction.

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