Friday , October 22 2021

The Cherry team will cancel the physical release of the Hollow Knight core


India, beloved Hollow Knight, no more physical release next year. Initially announced in August, the partnership between the team Cherry and Skybound Games, which dealt with the issuance of duties, came to an end, the publisher Twitter.

The team of programmers Cherry also prepared a post regarding the cancellation of the physical release of the Hollow Knight on its website, entering into details. "We regret the annulment of physical copies of Hollow Knight and our cooperation with Skybound Games." As a team of 3 people still intensely producing Hollow Knight, moving the game to the commercial space (even with Skybound's extensive help) turned out to be more labor-intensive than we could reasonably manage. ", We read in the post. However, no hope is lost. The post says further that the developer will be looking for ways to physically free the Hollow Knight in the future, albeit in smaller quantities.

Hollow Knight quickly gained recognition after the release on PC in 2017. Taking a good portion of Metroidvania and sprinkling some Dark Souls at the top, the title puts players on a journey through the forgotten kingdom of Hallownest and its several separate areas inhabited by strangely charismatic bugs. Since the 2017 issue, the title has received four free updates that have extended it to new areas, challenges and bosses. Hollow Knight also hit the Nintendo switches in June this year, and then in the September issue on PS4 and Xbox One.

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