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The best possible Day 2 is taken in the draft NFL in 2019 NFL Draft News and Analysis

The best possible Day 2 is taken in the draft NFL 2019

From Michael Reiner & amp; bullet;

April 26, 2019

Whether it is because it fits in the pattern or because the selected player is a model that can be inserted in a position of need, some choices in ridiculing drafts look better on paper than others. Once one of the most realistic ridiculous drawings has been revived on Thursday, let's look at my 10 favorite possible second-day shots, which would make too much sense for the participants and the players.

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36. San Francisco 49ers – By Nasir Adderley, Delaware

We had Adderley in the same range as Darnell Savage in terms of one-high security in this draft class. As for playing, no one showed more on Adele's tape. It will be in the eyes of the sick eyes in San Francisco, where six security measures took 300-plus adhesions in 2018 and no one earned a score higher than 66.5.

37. Seattle Sikhs – CB Grimm Williams, LSU

Williams is considered the best corner in this class, and the Seattle scheme wished that ability – perhaps above all others. Working in "strength" is when Aldeay is in the best position, and he could enter the Seattle field halfway through the seamless entrance.

40. Buffalo Accounts – WR D.K. Metcalfe, Ole Miss

This is so good that I thought it was so feasible in the first round. If they can redirect it here, however, it will be one of the steal of the draft. The deep speed of Metcalfe and the radius of engagement perfectly fit the strengths of Josh Allen.

44. Green Bay Packers – WR A.J. Brown, Ole Miss

The Packers love Shifty Road Racers and Brown personify it. I compared it with a larger Douandet Adams and Brown will have the opportunity to draw their relief package with the help of the Master himself. Brown's ability for YAC will be a welcome addition, as he has broken 40 shots over the past two seasons.

47. Karolina Panthers – BB Amman Hooker, Iowa

Hooker has some of the best instincts for any security in this draft. He forced 15 incomplete and took 6 passes over the past two seasons. This innate feeling is desirable in the panther zone-a difficult pattern.

54. Houston Texas – CB Byron Murphy, Washington

The role of Karim Jackson / the role of security / angle that is now empty in defense of Texas can be filled with Murphy. His sense in off-zone coverage makes him perfect for the Texans team who had more Cover-2 than anyone else in the NFL last year.

60. Los Angeles Chargers – T Dalton Reuser, Kansas State

We have a first-class Riesner class, and given the rate at which offensive lineups are free to fall on draft boards, this does not seem so ridiculous here. Rizner can pull on his right arm or right hand guard and immediately be an upgrade for the chargers.

73. Patriot of New England – B.B. David Long, Michigan

Patriots do not need angle. That, obviously, will not stop them from taking it. It's long enough to fit with a shorter and faster receiver for conflicting violations, while Stephen Gilmore takes larger, more frequent widths.

90. Dallas Cowboys – DI Cullen Saunders, West Illinois

Penetration is the name of the game in the defense of Dallas, and Saunders takes it to the position of the nose, probably as much as the first player Decter Lawrence. Saunders had the second highest winning rate on each one-on-one defensive match at the Senior Bowl.

102. Baltimore Ravens – Edge Ben Banogu, TCU

No team in the NFL has a better track record of the development of passersby from Havani. The bungee has all the tools and athletic abilities that he would like from his working position, but he is currently completely undefined as a burglar.

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