Saturday , June 19 2021

The 18-day-old giraffe suddenly dies at the Ohio zoo


The poor, female giraffe calf, who was born on October 30, died on Saturday, officials from the Columbus Zoo said.

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Zoo representatives said in a series of Facebook posts that Ubumwe was energetic and well nursed for the first two weeks, weighing about 130 pounds a week ago. But she started experiencing "gastrointestinal discomfort" on Friday afternoon, leading to many tests and treatments.

Ultrasound examination showed an abnormality in the intestines, but after receiving intensive care from the pet care professionals at the zoo, Ubumwe seemed comfortable overnight, according to the zoo's statement.

But on an early Saturday morning the calf Masai giraffe deteriorated rapidly and soon died. Zoo officials say the cause of death is unknown, until autopsy and pathology reports that last several weeks.

Thousands of people watched the birth of Ubumwe and the first weeks, watching them through the Internet "Giraffe Cam" through National Geographic. One of the other zoo giraffes, Cami, is expecting a calf soon.

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