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Tesla Model Y vs Ford Mustang Mach-E specifications for comparison


Ford is positioning its Mustang Mach-E, the first-ever all-electric vehicle, against the Tesla Model Y electric crossover.

Now that the Mach-E specifications have come out, we can quickly compare the specifications to the Y model.

Last year, Ford said it was happening to "everyone" at EV after the overthrow of CEO Mark Shields and the appointment of Jimmy Hackett.

Hackett formed a new internal team, called the Tim Edison, to oversee electric car programs. He also transferred one-third of his investment to an internal combustion engine electric car, but the company still invests more in the former than in the latter.

Ford has confirmed that its first-generation electric vehicle will be inspired by the Mustang.

They've been teasing the car ever since and had another one we missed last week.

When Tesla unveiled the Model X last week, Ford posted the following tweet:

According to an anonymous CEO of Ford, speaking to CNBC, the tweet was directed at Tesla when the company was due to unveil its electric crossover.

At the same time, CNBC spoke with Ford's President of Global Operations oeo Heinrichs who said the electric vehicle would be in showrooms at the same time as the Tesla Model Y:

"The company is moving quickly to produce what it previously described as a 'Mustang-inspired' all-electric off-roader that will be in showrooms next year, at the same time Tesla is launching its first SUV model Y battery."

Now the specifications of the Mustang Mach-E have been released on Ford's website ahead of this weekend's unveiling.

Tesla Model Y vs Ford Mustang Mach-E

There's no perfect comparison, but if you're in the market for a premium crossover in 2020, I think your best two options will be the Tesla Model Y and the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

First, let's start by comparing the most expensive versions of each vehicle:

Choose the Ford Mustang Mach-E Tesla Model Y Standard Range Plus
Price: $ 43,895 $ 43,000 (estimated)
Scope: 230 miles (EPA) 230 miles (EPA)
0-60 mph: mid-5 second 5.9 seconds
Cargo space: 59.6 cubic feet 66 cubic meters

Tesla changes the configuration and pricing of the Model Y and Model 3 so we don't know the exact price of the Model Y Standard Range Plus, but we can extrapolate from the difference with other Model 3 variants.

In any case, it is extremely competitive.

Without arguing about who is better, they both come with the appropriate driver assistance systems.

The Model Y has a bit more cargo space, and until Ford confirms the Mach-E DC DC charging rate, we estimate the Model Y has a much higher Supercharger V3 charging rate.

One of the advantages of the Mach-E is that Ford seems to be planning to offer AWD dual-engine options for all variants.

With Tesla's Model Y and Model 3, they only make the option available for long-haul vehicle versions (larger battery).

Now compare the variants with a larger rechargeable battery:

Ford Mustang Mah-E Premium Tesla Model Y Long Range RWD
Price: $ 50,600 $ 48,000
Scope: 300 miles (EPA) 300 miles (EPA)
0-60 mph: mid-5 second 5.5 seconds
Cargo space: 59.6 cubic feet 66 cubic meters

Again, it is extremely competitive.

However, it is unclear how the AWD dual-engine option affects Ford's specifications here. For Model Y, we know that the price jumps to $ 52,000 and the range drops to 280 miles.

I think the range can be significantly reduced with the AWD version based on a comparison of performance variants:

Ford Mustang Mah-E GT Performance of the Tesla Model
Price: $ 60,500 $ 61,000
Scope: 235 miles (EPA) 280 miles (EPA)
0-60 mph: middle of 3 seconds 3.5 seconds
Cargo space: 59.6 cubic feet 66 cubic meters

Both vehicles are standard with all-wheel drive dual-clutch wheels and 20 трка wheels.

Again, it's very competitive – except for the range here, as Ford seems to take a much bigger hit on efficiency.

Get the Electric

I'm very excited about this. I think it will create some great competition – similar to what Porsche Taycan is doing with the Model S now, I think Mach-E will make the Model Y.

It will keep Tesla on its toes and push the program further.

At this point, I understand that the Ford Mustang Mach-E will do well in terms of sales based on specifications and price.

We should keep in mind that Ford still has access to the full $ 7,500 electric vehicle tax credit, while Tesla customers will not have access to either of them until Model Y comes on the market.

I don't think it's fair, but right now.

The Tesla supercharger network, the Autopilot, and the user interface are still extremely heavy in my opinion, but I know a lot of people will go to Mach-E.

As for the Mach-E, we have to see it and drive it, but it looks good so far.

It will be interesting to see how much they plan to produce and whether Ford dealers can sell it.

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