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Tesla Model Y Production … Fusion Energy … Tesla Model 3 50,000 Mile Range – #CleanTechnica Top 20

October 21, 2019 from Zahari Shahan

The first 20 PureTennis the stories of the week were driven by a Tesla Model Y production plan, which reveals an insider to us, which is super exciting and something to be wary of. The second most popular work was the story of the Tesla Model 3 range after 50,000 miles. The story of the Black Swan for the week that climbed the road in the top 3 was on the subject of fusion energy. (Continue with caution if you are planning to read about that news item.) For the rest of the top 20, lie below and click on those that increase your interest.

  1. Start production of Tesla Model Y ~ Q1 2020 (unofficial leak)
  2. How much range does the Tesla 3 have after 50,000 miles?
  3. Has the US Navy solved clean energy with a compact fusion reactor?
  4. How the size of the Tesla tire affects the Tesla range
  5. Demo of Tesla Semi at California's Jandel Logistics Facility (video)
  6. Elon Musk raised Aristotle's problem-solving skills
  7. Why smart calls
  8. What is the Tesla Model 3's Sleep or Stealth Performance?
  9. Tesla Takes Safety to the Next Level With New Patents and New Internal Accident Lab
  10. Tesla Model Y: "Limited Production" – Delivery to Customers
  11. Tesla's autopsy saves mommy bear and cubs (Video)
  12. Wind energy returns to freight ships in the ocean
  13. Nothing Static: Significant Cost Drops brought us the Tesla 3 – which means reducing Tesla costs
  14. 7 things Tesla couldn't do
  15. Tesla mile autopilot statistics and charts, Lex Friedman
  16. Rich Rebuilds offers a Tesla Model 3 Annual DIY Guide
  17. Toyota switches to EV in favor of hybrids and hydrogen-fueled vehicles
  18. Meet the new Toyota Mirai: Just like the old Mirai, just different
  19. Bold New Chevy Electric Car Sales Strategy – Educate Dealers and Consumers
  20. Is the Tesla 3 the ultimate first answering machine?

Those are 15 Tesla stories, 2 Toyota stories, 1 Chevy story, 1 wind energy story and 1 nuclear fusion story. Um, interesting week. What's in store next week?

If you want to buy a Tesla Model 3 and want 1,000 miles of free charge, feel free to use my referral code: https://ts.la/zachary63404 – or use someone else if you have a friend or family member with Tesla. I won't cry.

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