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Sword and Poker Sword Guide: Which Pokemon Develops Using Stones?

Pokemon Sword and Shield arrived on the Nintendo Switch. Gen 8 games have a variety of new and returning Pokémon, and just like before, many of them can only be developed using certain elements of stones. In addition to traditional waters, fire, and stone leaves, Game Freak has introduced a number of new evolutionary gems to the series over the years, such as Dawn Stone and Dusk Stone. If you're not sure which monsters are being developed using these items, we've outlined all the evolutionary sword and shield gems and Pokemon they require below.

Which Pokemon is developing with which stones?

An evolutionary stoneRe
Water StoneLombre -> Ludicolo, Shelder -> Cluster, Here -> Vaporeon
Fire stoneVulpix -> Ninetales, Growlithe -> Arcanine, Eevee -> Flareon
Sheet stoneNuzleaf -> Shiftry, Gloom -> Vileplume, Eevee -> Leafeon
Thunder StonePikachu -> Raichu, Here -> ololteon
Ice stoneEevee -> Glaceon, Galarian Darumaka -> Galarian Darmanitan
Monthly stoneClefairy -> Clefable, Munna -> Musharna
Dream stoneDark -> Bellosom, Cotone -> Whimsicott, Helioptile -> Heliolisk
Dawn StoneBeard (female) -> Froslas, Cyril (male) -> Gilead
Twilight StoneLampent -> Chandelier, Dublin -> Egislash
Shiny stoneMinchino -> Cincino, Roselia -> Roserade, Togetik -> Togekis

Where to find evolutionary stones

There are several surefire ways to find evolutionary stones in sword and shield. Every day, you can find different rocks behind the rocks in Lake of Fury, so it's a good idea to return to the area often to pick them up. You can also give 500 watts – a new kind of sword and shield currency – to the Digo Duo near Bridge Bridge's Pokemon Nursery to dig up. Items that can be excavated usually include evolutionary stones, so you'll want to collect as many Watts as possible and visit the duo frequently to collect them.

There are many other features to be dug up in Pokémon Sword and Shield. If you're just getting started on your Pokemon journey, check out our other sword and shield guides below for more helpful tips. For our full thoughts on the new Pokémon games, be sure to read the review of Pokémon Swords and Swords.

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