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Sources – Alabama KB Tua Tagovailoa season ended with dislocated hip


Alabama defensive tackle Tua Tagoviyalo will miss the rest of the season after suffering a dislocated right hip in Saturday's 38-7 win over Mississippi, sources at ESPN's Chris Lowe confirmed.

Medical officers are continuing to assess whether the injury also involved a fracture, sources said. Athletic reported for the first time that Tagovailo has a dislocated hip.

Tagooyla was injured with three minutes left before halftime, when he was shot down by two Bulldogs defenders as he rolled to the left in the third inning. He suffered a bloody nose and could not apply pressure on his right leg when assisted by trainers. He was knocked off the ground and eventually returned to Birmingham for a CAT scan and MRI.

Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban said after the game that he did not think the injury was related to an ankle injury that made Tagovio the decision to play during Saturday's game. "It's a weird kind of thing you rarely see," he said.

"He was good, at least as good as he was a week ago in terms of his ability to move," Saban added. "I think nothing that affected his performance in the first half. So, the guy was playing and I thought he played really well. And we hate what hurt. We hate him. We hate him for his family. I hate him. when every player on our team gets hurt. So God for him and the whole family, and our thoughts and prayers are with them and I hope this is not so serious, it has some long-term effect on his future as a player. "

Alabama defensive tackle Tua Tagoviyalo is undergoing an X-ray on his hip that injured him against the state of Mississippi. Wesley Heath / Getty Images

Saban told ESPN's Molly McGrath that this would be the last impetus for Tagoglio's game. Saban said Tagoglio is still in the game to do a double exercise.

"This will be his last series," Saban said. "We were left to do two minutes before halftime for practice. First, we need to block them better so that they don't get fired. It's too bad. "

McGrath said Tagogiallo was screaming in pain as trainers helped him get out of his wheelchair.

The Tide led 35-7 at the time of the injury. Tagovailo was 14-of-18 for 256 yards with two touchdowns.

Saban said coaching staff was considering putting a spare retrospective Soft ones in game for Tagoglio before the final series.

"We can assume everything we want," Saban said. "We told Mac to warm up. We were going 2 minutes before halftime, and Tua wanted to play. That's why I didn't really make a lot of decisions to hurt the guys. … We had total confidence in Mac, and Mac did a good job when he came in. "



Athonathan Wilma and Mark Sánchez both predict that Alabama will fall in the rankings after Tua Tagoviyalo's season-ending injury and stiff competition.

Togailoila, a Heisman Trophy contender and a potential top-10 pick in next year's NFL Draft, had his right ankle surgery on October 20, a day after he was injured in the Crimson Tide's 35-13 win over Tennessee.

Surgeons performed a "right squeeze" procedure on the right ankle, in which they drilled a hole in his fibula into the tibia and threw three clamps through the bone and squeezed it down to tighten it, according to Dr. Norman Waldrop, who was part of the medical team that carried out the procedure on the left ankle of Tagovailo after competing in the SEC Championship last season.

He missed Alabama's 48-7 win over Arkansas on Oct. 26, but returned to the start against the LSU last week. His mobility was limited, but he still completed 21 of 40 passes for 418 yards with four touchdowns and one interception in the Crimson Tide's 46-41 loss to the Tigers.

"The way I look at all this stuff is, our fourth Touai rebounder and if he is physically fit, we want to play him," Saban said when asked about the value of playing 28 points before. . "This is what he wanted to do, and this is what our team wanted to do. If he knew – knowing something was wrong, I certainly would not put him in such a situation. But we are a team. we are a team trying to improve … to see if we can finish the season the way we want. "

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