Thursday , April 22 2021

Source: Boeing reporters report 737 Max problems to FAA

All 737 Max planes around the world are based.

The FAA says CNN received four phone calls on April 5 and could open a whole new angle of inquiry into what was wrong in the crash of two commercial Boeing 737 Max aircraft – Lion Air 620 in October and Ethiopian Air flight 302 in March .

Among the objections is the previously unreported issue which involves damage to the connection of the angle sensor of an attack on a foreign object, according to the source.

Allegedly, Boeing had previous problems with the remains of alien objects in the production process; The New York Times said metallic sawdust was found near the Boeing 787 wires, and the planes stopped delivering a Boeing KC-46 tanker after remnants of alien items were found on some of the aircraft that emerged from the production line .

Other reports by informants include concerns about MCAS termination termination switches that exclude MCAS software, according to the source.

Preliminary report by Ethiopian investigators showed that an erosion alarm at the corner of the Flight 302 attack on Ethiopian Airlines was sending inaccurate data to the MCAS system. MCAS, behaves as though it were in a stand, constantly forcing the nose of the plane while the pilots fought for control, and eventually the plane crashed.

Problems on the plane Ethiopian Airlines seem to be similar to those faced by the Leon Leon crash that crashed in October. Between the two accidents, 346 people died.

Boeing's executive director confirmed the role of the wrong angle of attack sensor information that activated the MCAS system in both accidents, calling it a link in a "chain of events" that caused accidents.

MCAS is activated from one angle of attack sensor, and critics are wondering why Boeing will design the plane without any excess and why the FAA approved the system.

In the statement, FAA defended the certification process.

"Safety is FAA's top priority and we have a long-established, well-established certification process for aircraft that is constantly producing safe aircraft," the FAA said in a CNN statement. "When we confirm an airplane, we do not think about one factor in isolation. Instead, we look at the interaction of all elements and systems, in addition to human and other external factors.

"The only corner of the attack sensor was reviewed in connection with various other factors, especially well-known pilot procedures that will alleviate the effects of failure. MCAS design design, certification tests and cockpit procedures were assessed using the standard industry approach failed analysis ".

Boeing did not respond immediately to the request for a comment on the reports.

The airline's executive director will hold a press conference Monday after a meeting of shareholders in Chicago. On Monday, in the Dallas area, a meeting of international civil aviation bodies was held, to discuss issues about 737 Max.

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