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Shaneen Doherty will return to the series of handcuffs – a deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Brenda returns! Shaneen Doherty signed to play BH90210 (fka 90210), Fox's upcoming six-episode episode accompanied the original Beverly Hills, 90210 members Jason Priestley, Jenny Garth, Jan Zingring, Gabriel Carteris, Brian Austen Green and Tori Purling. Doherty will also be producing the series, a co-production of CBS TV Studios and Fox Entertainment, scheduled for the air this summer.

Beverly Hills 90210

Will Doherty return is one of the first questions Beverly Hills, 90210 fans raised when the word for a possible revival with Priestley, Garth, Ziring, Carteris, Austin Green and Spelling were leaked in December.

The desire has always been to have Doherty on the show, I hear: "Now there is no status, but … we would like to have it," said Pravel in an interview in February.

New 90210 is described as a serialized drama – a dose of disrespect – inspired by real life and relationships in September. After giving up on separate ways since the original series ended 19 years ago, Shaneen, Jason, Jenny, Jan, Gabriel, Brian and Tory – who will play enlarged versions of themselves – reunite once one of them suggests it's time to get it Beverly Hills, 90210 is rebooted and running. But getting it can be made for even more delicious soap from the re-launch itself. What will happen when the first loves, the old romance, the friends and the frenals come back together, because this iconic scandal – which the whole world has followed grows together – is trying to continue from where they left?

Due to his commitment to Riverdale, colleagues Beverly Hills, 90210 star Luc Perry officially did not sign up for restarting before he died on March 4. The Fox series is expected to pay tribute to its star.

Doherty plays Brenda Walsh in the original series that featured on Fox in the period from 1990 to 2000. The show was originally centered around the character of Walsh of Doherty and her twin Brendon, who plays Priestley, as well as the adaptation and cultural shock they face when they and their parents moved from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills, 90210 premiere on Fox on October 4, 1990, and became an instant pop-cultural sensation and one of the most popular programs in the history of the network. Centered on tons of Los Angeles community identified in her title, the show was broadcast for 10 seasons, documenting trials and troubles of a group of friends from high school to college and at an early age as they move through a huge number of coming-to-adult dramas and complex rivalries.

Doherty also reprized his character at Walsh in guest appearances in GS. 90210 restarting, which was broadcast from 2008-2013.

BH90210 was conceived by Mike Chesler and Chris Albergini, who worked on CW 90210 the spellcheck reboot is restarted So Notorious, along with the spell and Garth.

Doherty will perform alongside Chris Albergini, Mike Chesler, Patrick Sean Smith, Gabriele Carteris, Jenny Garth, Brian Austin Green, Jason Priestley, Tory Shreling and Jan Zingring.

In addition to Beverly Hills, 90210, actor, producer and director Doherty is known for her roles in Charmed, Prairie's Little House and Our house. Recently, she reprized one of her most famous film roles, Heather, in the re-version of Heathers for Paramount Network. Other Doherty movie credits include Kevin Smith Mallrats and Bethany.

A cancer survivor, Doherty is committed to helping others who are struggling with the disease, who work with SU2C and the American Cancer Society. The Doctor's philanthropic work shows her love for animals through her work with organizations, including the California Wildlife Center and the Foundation for Life Hope and Health. It is replicated by Domain Talent and McKeon / Myones Entertainment.

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