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Schiller of Apple says Chromebook won't work

This morning, all eyes were on Apple as they announced their latest MacBook Pro, which you can read more from our friends at 9to5Mac. In an interview with the new MacBook Pro, Apple's Phil Schiller took the result of Google's Chromebooks, saying they won't work.

In recent months, Google has been shaking the laptops of their competitors, especially Windows, in a series of "Switch to Chromebook" ads. One ad, featuring Bill Nay, walks through the typical flaws of a Windows laptop, how to launch and get viruses slowly, and contrasts them with the all-day battery life of some Chromebooks and their built-in security.

Today, in an interview with CNET on the 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple's senior vice president Phil Schiller made a direct attack on Chromebooks. Asked about the growth of the Chrome OS in the education sector, Schiller attributes the success of the Chromebooks to their "cheapness."

Kids who really learn and want to learn will have better success. It is not difficult to understand why children are not included in the classroom without applying technology in a way that inspires them. You need to have these cutting-edge learning tools to help kids really achieve their best results.

However, Chromebooks do not. Chromebooks have arrived in the classroom because, frankly, they are cheap testing tools. If all you want to do is test the kids, well, maybe a cheap notebook will do that. But they will not succeed.

Schiller's argument here is that MacBooks and iPads are better suited to teaching, supposedly comparing Chromebooks, to just standardized Internet testing. He also points to the "Anyone Can Encrypt Code" initiative, which allows iPads to be used to learn the basics of computer science.

Needless to say, it's almost shocking to see that a senior Apple VP like Schiller makes such a daring attack on their competitor's product.

9to5Google's Take

Chromebooks are one of the most dynamic computers on the market today, long offering the best web applications – some would attribute to their own success on the Mac – and Android apps. Recently, Chromebooks have received support for Linux applications, which opens up the Chrome OS for potential use in computer science classes.

When using a Chromebook convertible, the classroom tool is enhanced even further, offering the tablet's reading / learning experience, without sacrificing the physical keyboard needed to write essays and papers.

For Chromebooks to offer me the best of both worlds at a low price, it sounds more like a good value rather than being "cheap," as Schiller calls it. And we all know affordable devices are what school districts need on tight budgets – not for condensation.

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