Saturday , October 23 2021

Rockets GM denies that Anthony will be abolished, he calls speculation unfair


HOUSTON – Houston Rockets CEO Daryl Morey denied the Sunday report, which said that Carmelo Anthony's time with the band would soon be over.

Anthony, who was on the second straight game on Sunday night with illness, is in his first season with rockets after a year in Oklahoma City.

The New York Times he had source report Sunday says that Anthony was informed that he would soon be abolished. When asked about this report before Sunday's victory over Pacers, Morey said, "This is inaccurate."

Referring to own sources, ESPN along with the report after the game, that Anthony & colleagues think that he played his last game with the team.

The Rockets, who reached the final of the Western Conference last season, are disappointed with the start of 4-7, and many outsiders blame Anthony & # 39; for their struggles.

Morey said further that he wanted to talk to reporters to defend Anthony & # 39; ego.

"It is not fair that all these speculations concern only one person," said Morey. "I understand that there is of course the Hall of Fame, but that's not fair."

Anthony, who is in his 16th season, has an average of 13.4 points and 5.4 rebounds in 10 matches with two starts this season.

Asked if he was evaluating Anthony's role in the team, Morey said he was evaluating everyone, trying to get the team to act.

"I know we're talking about everything," he said. "We're a team trying to win the championship, and we're 4-7 and we're not in the right place, so we're looking at everything, we're looking at all aspects now."

He added that he "expects" Anthony & # 39; when he is healthy.

Anthony joined the Rockets team after a stormy season with Thunder, where he averaged his career – 16.2 points in 78 launches. Coach Mike D & # 39; Antoni laughed at the rumor that the rumors of Anthony were a scattering of his team.

"Our problem is that we can not shoot basketball," he said. "It's an obstacle … and we have to fix it."

D & # 39; Antoni said Houston's problems are definitely not guilty of Anthony and he agreed with Morey that his external criticism was unfair.

"Melo was great and did everything we asked for," said Antoni.

Morey said it was "his job" to find out how to start the band, but recently he noticed that everything would change soon.

"I feel we are playing better … but the reality is that we are nowhere near the place where we expect and we have high expectations and we intend to deal with them," said Morey.

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