Thursday , October 1 2020

Release info for iPhone 12 rankings


Long after the release of the iPhone 11, the Internet has already begun speculation about what the iPhone 12 will look like, thanks to analyst Ming-Jie Kuo and Telephone dialer, now has a pretty convincing take on what the upcoming device might look like.

Most importantly, instead of a curved or curtained edge around the phone, we now see a design reminiscent of the revolutionary iPhone 4, with flat edges sliding down the sides, turning the device into more plates. The best surface area of ​​the screen is also expected to decrease in size, with the addition of a fourth additional camera, speculated to support AR in portrait mode when shooting video.

For a better overview of presentations based on previous Apple leaks, see the tweet below.

Elsewhere in technology, Apple may launch its first AR set in 2020.

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