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Recent Avengers of Captain America: Endgame scene is not a plot hole

Avengers: Endgame captures the story of a Captain America in a way that is surprising and logical. The liberator of freedom is through much of his films – from The first Avenger to Winter soldier to Civil War and each team of Avengers – so it only makes sense that his story comes in full circle.

In addition, he also closes the book of a long-standing mystery for his corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

[[[[Ed. Note: this post contains great spoilers for Avengers: Endgame]

At the end of the film, Steve voluntarily gives up the endless stones back to the respective films from which they were taken. But he decides to take him a long way home, and when he returns to the present day after completing his mission, he is an old man. While publishing his friend Sam Sokol Wilson's new Captain America, the film ends with the discovery that Steve used the time shift to live a happy life that his oligarch friend Tony spoke. He returned to the past, probably around the time when he crashed – Hydra's plane landed in the Arctic waters. Why? To live his days with the love of his life, Peggy Carter.

The mystery of Agent Carter's husband

The romanticism between Steve and Peggy was tragically interrupted at the end of the day The first dead, and their possible unification was equally more tragically when Steve later reunited with her as an old woman suffering from dementia. Steve still carried the torch for her, even after her death in 2016, always remembering the promised dance they never had. "You do not dare to be late," Peggy told him as the plane flew into the ice. After Steve lost him to the tragedy, the spy eventually continued.

In The Winter Soldier, Steve rested from saving the world to visit the Smithsonian Institution and to review the various monuments of his military efforts. A documentary showing that Carter discovers that he later married an unnamed man who was saved by Steve from the HYDRA blockade in 1945. After the end of World War II, she and the husband married and had two children together. (Son and daughter, of course, because the tradition of a nuclear family!) She then, at some point, will leave the Strategic Science Reserve to find SHIELD.

During the film and television installments of Marvel Cinematic Universe, Peggy's husband was never identified, which led to mass speculation and theories of worship. For a time, many thought about the only Peggy's series Agent Carter, Written by Avengers: Endgame screenwriters Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFlyley, was shaken enough to make the military spy Daniel Souza unspoken but obvious, the answer.

It has never been added; Susa lost his leg during the Baston siege in 1944, weeks before saving the cap of the soldiers in which Peggy's husband was reported in 1945. According to producer Michel Fazekas, Agent Carter, which was canceled before the third season, will ultimately give "options" to the person in question, if not fully revealing the identity. Even Halley Atwell, the star of the show, has never been able to give a definite answer to the male mystery. It should be changed after Endgame.

Captain America and Pigeon-Carter Dance Dancing

Marvel Studios

Steve won his dance with Peggy, the journey with "road holes" is cursed

Avengers: Endgame he misses the costs of Cap's decision to stay in the past several times during the team's time. He keeps his compass with his photograph on it constantly, even during the excursion to the Battle of New York (causing Cap's jaw to fall in 2012 because Loki will not have that on his person), and longing for yearning when hiding in his office. Time with her is what she always loves, and it's naturally jumping at the opportunity to get it at the end of the movie.

As we can assume from the ring of Steve's First Man, he and Peggy tied the knot in the past. He is ready to say his name – both in classical Hollywood and in Marvel's fashion, there will always be little mystery about their romance on the screen – but this is one of the happy ends. We know.

The time travel of all this makes their relationship, and the ultimate "Marsh" of "infinite saga" salary, touching and a bit confusing. As Hulk says early, the present and the future can not be changed, and when one travels back in time, it only becomes past the linear flow of time. So Cap and Peggy married and started a family. He kept his head down over the decades and let him play while he has his family, and then has grown to the moment. All the while, Cap still struggled with the battles we had seen before.

If Hulk's theory remains true, Cap is not the father of the children he saw in previous films. It does not deny their relationship. This is a travel time puzzle – and one that appears outside the screen, for maximum confusion. Are there more Peggys coexisting in the timeframe? Did Cap jumped in time before or after saving his father's father? (And at what point in this zigzag, did Kap passage or rebuild its shield after Thanos dropped it in half, another imperfection in the timeframe that can not be restored)? Directors Joe and Anthony Rousseau Do not clear this up after filming – after Cap leaping, the camera slips over to find the Old Cap who, if Hulk and Tony Stark are right, lives under cover all the time, a happily married man. We simply do not see the linear time logic that made it all possible.

For so many questions as the array appears, the emotional conclusion about it all seems finite. Cap and Peggy are dancing. They get their life. The song of Kitty Cullen for "Long, Long Time" plays them, and the film is turned off. Nothing is overturned, but something is right, which in the Marvel Universe feels like a definite answer.

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