Less than a week after the release of the fourth beta of UI 2.0, Samsung released another for the owners of the Galaxy S10. As usual, a bunch of errors have been fixed and the list seems to be getting shorter as the beta shows signs of liquidation. Samsung also announced on its Korean forum announcing the launch of its Android 10 beta for the Galaxy S9 and Note 9.

Beta update notification arrived via system notification. The screenshots below list all the changes.

The download can be initiated by navigating to Settings > Software upgrade > Download and install. The download size varies depending on the model S10 and the operator's SIM card in the device. On my unlocked Galaxy S10 + with a Sprint SIM, the update file size was 272.62 MB. So far, the update has been spotted in the US and Korea, usually the first regions to receive updates.

There are now some good reasons to suspect that the One UI 2.0 beta program may be nearing the end of the S10. Last week, Samsung closed its beta registrations in South Korea and this week, Samsung's community manager informed members that the Android 10 beta program will launch this week for Galaxy S9 and Note 9. This is good news for owners previous generations of Samsung, because they may experience Android 10 earlier than usual.