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MLB Rumors: Blockbuster trading seems likely this press season; Zack Wheeler set up to test free agency


We've just dipped our toes in the MLB outside of the 2019-20 season, which means the whole action has yet to be transformed. That said, rumors about free agent players and team-mates and potential trades are already circulating, and we're here to help you speed up the whole map. We also have a string of all key dates in this year's season and our ranking of the top 50 free agents on the market, and here's an explanation of the "luxury tax" and its implications for winter. Now here's the buzz for Monday.

This offseason is likely to bring in blockbuster trade

Much of the focus seems to be on free agents and announcements this time of year, but the trading market is also evolving as we head deeper into winter. Speaking of which, MLB networkconveys Jonah Morosi that, according to several executions in the league that have been talked about, at least one of the three star players will trade this off-season trade. Those three players are Red Sox outfielder McKay Bates, shortstop Indians, Francisco Lindor, and Cuban third baseman Chris Bryant. This is entirely in line with what our own RC has. Anderson recently reported.

The Red Sox are able to find themselves under the luxury tax threshold, and since H.J. Martinez has refused to use his choice, they may have to make a big deal to fulfill that goal. Bets are among the best in baseball and are only 27 years old. He goes on a walk this year, and he is due to make a major increase in arbitration for his 2019 salary of $ 20 million. Suffice to say, Bates with his wide base of skills – he produces on the plate while adding great value to the field and based on that – will make any team better.

As for Lindor, Cleveland's cut is a mixture of defensive excellence and potency. He turns 26 later this week, so his numbers will blend superb skills for a while. Lindor is also not eligible for free agency after the 2021 season, and those two years of team control in tandem with his off-field excellence mean that the price he will ask for will be high.

Bryant, meanwhile, could be moved as part of Cuban's desire to shake things up, coming from a disappointing third-place finish in 2019. Bryant, who turns 28 in January, is a top mix of power and patience with the bat, and he is capable of winning third and outer corners. He's probably not eligible for free agency until after the 2021 season, but we know for sure before that his complaint during the service must be resolved.

Philly is going hard after Cole

Hard throw, high turnovers Gerritte Cole will be the most sought-after starting pitcher on the free agent market this season and he is a candidate for the biggest pitcher signing yet. He is an elite attacking chair, he has topped 200 nights in four of the last five seasons, and has been a starter since joining the Astros before the 2018 season. ERA + from 164.

So it's no surprise that the Phillies found themselves among Cole's most aggressive suitors. Here's this from Matt Brain from Philadelphia Ankara:

Cole's headlines are an enticing class of free agent pitchers that will catch Jill's attention. GM Matt Clintak, according to a source, is heading to Scottsdale with a shutdown plan going around. The Jillians neglected their initial rotation last winter, only to finish with a 4.64 ERA and one starter – Aaron Nola – who made at least 10 starts and posted an ERA better than 4.00.

The Chileans have a new manager at Joe Girardi, and big acquisitions from last winter – Brice Harper, Jeananne Segura and Andrew Mac Kutchen, among others – are coming back for 2020. The club were already strongly committed to claiming 2019, but despite their efforts they finished fourth in the NL East. As Brin notes, rotation improvements are fine, and Cole is obviously the best route to better rotation. That said, Files is likely to have a lot of competition for his services. For example, Angels and Junkies are considered to have designs on the right hand.

Kendrick is attracting interest

Despite being 36 years old, infielder / foreign player Joey Kendrick is coming off the best season of his career at the plate (142 OPS + with 17 home runs in 121 games). The free-agent veteran can play first, second, third and corners in the corners. Throw in his importance to the Nationals champion, and Kendrick will have a market. Speaking of which, Ken Rosenthal from Athletic tweets that the red figures are among those keeping Kendrick's tabs. Also, Rosenthal, citing reports by Brittany Iriroli, also from Athletic, names the Beams and the Marlins who also have an interest in Kendrick.

Wheeler is likely to turn down Mets' qualifying bid

Right-wing Zack Wheeler is eligible for free agency during his 30-year campaign, with Jonathan Morosius writing for that Wheeler is likely to turn down the Mets qualifying bid and hit the market.

Wheeler is not at the level of fellow free agents Cole and Steven Strasbourg, but he does make a mid-rotation option with the potential to be more than that. In the last two seasons, he has made 60 starts with an ERA + of 107 and a K / BB ratio of 3.56 over that period. Teams will also be drawn to his 97km-long golf course in front of his four-speed repertoire. As for specific suitors, the name Morosi checks out the Angels, Padres and White Sox as interest.

The Tigers are still ready to move Boyd

Detroit left-hander Matthew Boyd has been the subject of many trade rumors that led to the trade deadline of July 31 this year. The Tigers, however, decided to hang on Boyd. Unfortunately for them, Boyd's performance in the second half failed at all levels. It's quite possible the Tigers missed their chance to get a healthy return for the 28-year-old starter. Besides that, Reported by Jonah Morosi that the Tigers are expected to buy Boyd this winter in the hope of landing a player ready to contribute right now or near him. For that to happen, a hunger team must have to find something sustainable in the performance of Boyd's first half. Otherwise, the Tigers probably opened the window when it comes to Boyd's return.

The Reds of Grandal

The Reds were surprisingly active last season, and it looks likely they will try again to make their roster on the status of the challenger. As Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer writes, running in the role of free agent Jasmine Grandia looks very likely:

All signs point to a serious run for catcher Jasmani Grandal, the organization's first choice in the 2010 MLB Draft and a top catcher in the free agent market.

Grandal, who recently turned 31, spent the last season with the Brewers. Milwaukee batted .246 / .380 / .468 with 28 home runs in 153 games. In addition to being a top defensive catcher, Grandal boasts an OSS + career of 115. In 2019, the Reds received solid production from their two main catchers, Tucker Barnard and Kurt Kassali, but Grandal would still figure out to provide significant upgrade.

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