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Miller: Finally, Daley gets a chance

Last year he took out a loan to cover the remaining costs for his ride with the Indy, 500, and, by the way, did not pay anything from $ 200,305 to that 21ul place paid.

"It was stupid, it's not a good idea, but I had to stay in the game," said Connor Daley.

Remains in the game is a good description of what Delhi has done since 2014, after leaving Europe and quitting his aspirations on F1. After SPM was filled in for the injured James Hincklif for four races in 2015, the first full-time second-runner in 2016 with Dale Coyne had some strong results, and he was rewarded by being hired by AJ . Foyt for 2017. That relationship took place in the south, so he returned as "May Only" last year, before racing Harding races in three races to help analyze the team's battles.

Child Dale Dale has 43 podiums, but has shown that he has the ability to quickly solve the chassis, the race better than he qualifies, stay on the front when he gets there and pull his equipment to the greatest extent possible.

He's only 26 years old, but his open-air career is on the junction. He needs something he has never had – a blow to the big stage with a top team. And thanks to the Air Force, it will happen in May when you drive for Andretti Autosport.

"Since last year I tried to dig the way back to somewhere good and this is my chance, this is my shot to do what I think I can do," said Daley. "It's the best ride I ever had with a kilometer, and obviously the Air Force did it and I can not thank them enough, because no one is stronger in Indianapolis than Michael's team.

"People from the Air Force last summer came to Ohio and began to meet teams and obviously we were looking for regular driving. I knew what was there and I knew I would not finish full time, so this is the next best thing."

He is joined by a good friend Marco Andretti, former owner, The Amazing Race partner and 2016 Indie-500 winner Alexander Rossi, Zach Veach and 2014 Indie winner Ryan Hunter-Ray in a team that won three of the last five May classics.

"I have such a level of high caliber teammates, but I feel like learning a lot of them," continues Daley. "Everybody in Andréti has always been good for me, and I've always dreamed of driving for them. I tested their car Lights, had Andrei's suggestions on my laptop since 2015, and there were costumes Andretti, but that never happened.

"Marco gave me $ 3,000 to test Sam Schmidt in 2015 and I've done so much for me and I know how he fought."

It's hard to understand why someone who won everything in his driving (including F3) was rated higher than Joseph Nygarden by Schmidt when he was driving his light cars, and who impressed at SPM, Koyne and Harding, failed to gain ground in IndyCar.

"It's hard for the past four years, filling up here and there, and I think it's a little snake," said Michael Kenenne, a veteran engineer for Coyne, who worked with Daily in 2016. "I also think he is better than what he understands He has no lack of trust, he has no conviction, but he is not a doll, and with a good group like Andrei I think he can have a really good month. to see it well, and this is a great opportunity to show what has been done by him. "

You can probably bet that Andrei Dalara / Honda will not be lit three times during the race or die at a pace (like two of his previous five Indy rides), he is likely to have a car equipped more for ovals than roads as well in May last year, and the shocks will not be five years as if they were with Harding last summer.

"Look, we all know that Indy is inconsistent and something can happen," said Daley. "Your motorcycle can hit the first lap, but after so many years it can not be just any chance at Indy, and now I have one of the best."

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