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Miller adheres to Bar's description of the findings of the investigation in Russia

WASHINGTON – The Special Adviser, Robert S. Miller III wrote a letter to Attorney General William P. at the end of March. Bar, opposed to his early explanation of the findings of the investigation in Russia, which seemed to clear President Trump for possible obstruction of justice, according to the Justice Department.

The letter adds to the growing evidence of cleavage among them and is another indication of anger among the special investigators for the characterization of Mr Barr of their findings, which enabled Mr. Trump to wrongly claim to have been justified.

It was not clear what kind of specific remarks Mr. Miller expressed in his letter. Mr Barr defended his descriptions of the findings of the investigation in the talks with Mr Miller during the days after he sent the letter, according to two people with knowledge of their discussions.

Mr Barr, who was to testify Wednesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the investigation, publicly stated that he disagreed with some of the legal reasoning in Miller's report. Senior Democratic MPs invited Mr. Miller to testify in the coming weeks, but failed to provide a date for his testimony.

"The Special Counselor stressed that nothing in the lawyer's letter of March 24th is not true or wrong," Justice Department spokeswoman Kerry Kupche said in response to a request for comment on Tuesday afternoon. "But he expressed frustration over the lack of context and media coverage stemming from the analysis of the obstruction of the special council."

A spokesman for the special council office declined to comment.

The central issue in the conflict is how the public's understanding of Miller's report was formed after the special adviser completed his investigation and handed him his report from 448 pages to March 22 to the Attorney General, his boss and long-time friend. On the four-page letter, which Mr Barr sent to Congress two days later, gave little detail on the findings of the Special Adviser and gave the impression that Mr. Miller's team did not find an offense, allowing Mr Trump to declare released.

But when Mr Miller's report was released on April 18, he painted Mr. Thrump's much more dangerous picture and showed that Mr Miller believed there was considerable evidence that Mr. Trump was hindering justice.

During the past month there have been other signs of a conflict between the chief prosecutor and the special council on issues such as the legal theories of constitutional protections given to the presidents to carry out their work and how the team carried out the investigation.

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