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Michael Avenathi claims "I was humiliated" after a year in the spotlight

"I have been humble, I have had a great deal of humility, it's very tall and there are many falls, and, frankly, I tried not to overstep it," Aventini said in a broad interview with CNN. "Sometimes I did not succeed, but I did not try to get too high. Right now, I'm trying not to get too low."

Like his elevations, his falls swiftly followed a ship-to-coast heritage. The offices of the US lawyer in the Southern District of New York and the Central District of California have accused him of the abundance of financial crimes that bear more than 300 years of potential imprisonment, including charges of extorting Nike and 36 criminal charges related to alleged financial crimes. He denied the charges.

"I am a fighter, I have always been a fighter, and I expect there will be plenty of evidence and many facts that will come out that will change the opinion that people now have only one side of the story. We do not condemn people only after we hear one side of the story, "he said.

Aventini's shameless style catapulted him into the spotlight. His constant legal maneuvers and media savvy held him there. His entry into the American consciousness began with a lawsuit. He introduced the actress for adult films, Stormy Daniels, who sued President Donald Trump and a shell company created by President's personal advocate Michael Cohen.

Whether in a courtroom or in a television studio, recognition of the defeat is not in the Aventini's management house, but its current situation is far from a few months ago when it began investigating the candidate for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination and talking to collectors of money through the whole nation.

During the interview, tears began to form on the corners of his eyes, starting to think about what he has and what he has to lose.

"It's about traveling, and no matter what happens, cleverly, I had a huge life, I had many opportunities that many people could dream of alone. I did a lot of things during the 48 years many people would never have the opportunity to do, "Aventini said.

Then he responded to the possibility of the time of the prison.

"If I was not afraid of it, there would be something fundamentally wrong with me as a human, as a human being."

How we got here

The Daniels case included a non-discrimination agreement signed a few days before the presidential election in 2016. Daniels went with $ 130,000 in exchange for closing her mouth for a sexual relationship she told Trump in 2006. Trump denied there was an affair.

"The storm just wanted to be freed from the NDA in the beginning. I saw the case in a wider sense," Avenathi said. "I saw the case of Donald Trump and Michael Cohen, who interfered with the election in 2016 by covering up his relationship with Stormy Daniels. I recognized the violations to fund the campaign from the first meeting I had with Burke Daniels."

One day after Avenati filed the lawsuit against Daniels, using her legal name, Stephanie Clifford, he was on a permanent cycle of interviews for television, newspapers and magazines.

"I expected to be in New York for a maximum of three days in connection with the case. Three weeks later I left New York," Avenathy said. "So this flight is much larger than I ever anticipated, it has become a significant financial burden and there is no doubt about it."

Over the many months Avenatti protested against President and Cohen, Aventini's opponents have noticed their attitude that has never devoted itself to sarcasm and contempt.

"Clifford's lawyer will seek out a victory if he turns from a bus," Cohen's lawyer Brent Blakey said after the judge eventually dropped Daniel's case against his client.

But Aventini did not want to go beyond the fight. He continued his zealous defense to his client. After months of challenging Cohen's involvement in the silence agreement, there was a big pause in the case. The FBI attacked Cohen's office and home.

It turns out that the Southern District of New York was investigating Cohen's financial relations, after the case was referred by special adviser Robert Miller. In the end, Cohen admitted to nine criminal points, including lying in Congress. He should report to prison next month.

Aventie and Daniels had their "I told you that" moment.

"SDNY deserves credit for the work they have done, while others deserve credit, but did I have a hand in that? An important hand? There is no question," Avenathi said.

Daniels and Aventini divided ways. It was friendly. But then he took over his arrest, and Daniels tweeted that he was "sad, but not shocked," and then accused Avenati of treating him "extremely dishonestly".

Extortion and fraud accusations

However, the Southern District of New York is now heading for Avenatti. He is charged with extortion in the Nike case.

The criminal complaint says Aventsy is threatening to announce the public with allegations of rigging colleagues for recruiting if Nike did not comply with his requirements: $ 1.5 million for his client, between $ 15 million and $ 25 million to hire him and his co-counsel to conduct an internal investigation or payment of $ 22.5 million and no investigation.

Instead of concluding a deal, Nike called the FBI, saying it was forced out, and the FBI began recording the meetings.

Avenati fiercely denies the charges against him.

He still accuses Nuck of falsifying the process of recruiting college basketball by bribing amateur players to attend sponsored schools in Nike.

In a CNN statement, the company said: "Nike will not respond to allegations of a person facing federal charges of fraud and extortion. Nike will continue co-operating with a government civil baron investigation and a case of extortion."

In the past decade, Aventini has been struck by his goals. He lived with the lifestyle of wealthy and famous racing cars, buying a coffee pot, wearing Tom Ford's costumes and fancy watches.

But prosecutors in California say that at least some of his lifestyle has been fueled by fraud.

And now he faces a new, much darker perspective: the potential of prison time. In California, federal charges against him include failure to file taxes, do not pay taxes, steal five clients and cheat a bank.

"There are many things contained in this indictment. Many, many, many, many things I do not completely agree with," Aventini said. "I'm standing on my track record of nearly 20 years as a lawyer who fights on behalf of Davids vs. Goliath. I have more than $ 1 billion judgments and settlements. I have thousands of customers who are incredibly grateful for my work and the work I have, they did. "

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Asked about the irony that now faces more charges than his favorite goal, Cohen, Aventini did not miss a punch.

"The difference is that Michael Cohen was convicted. I was not," he said.

But, as he began to tell his life and his work, his eyes again blushed.

"I can not let me eat, because otherwise, you know, I could do, I suppose, crawl in the position of the fruit and fade," he said, "and I do not go as I do not plan to leave – period ".

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