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Mastercard and UPS say that Internet consumption is strong, but Amazon is a real test

Consumer spending is in full focus on Thursday, following optimistic indications from United Parcel Service Inc. and Mastercard Inc., in conditions of macroeconomic insecurity. But the real test comes after the bell when reporting Inc.


UPS, + 5.37%

directors say the company is more productive this year during the peak summer season, and the shipping giant continues to benefit from investment in automation. Despite some geopolitical windmills, "e-commerce provides all sorts of possibilities," according to CEO David Abney. The company's latest initiative is the Shop Runner partnership, through which members of the UPS's My Choice program will be eligible for a two-day delivery through the service.


MA, + 3.64%

acknowledged that "the recent drop in consumer confidence" in several European countries, but the company moved forward, announcing accelerating growth in dollars. The company achieved a more optimistic tone than the Visa AD colleague, which stirred investors with their appearance the afternoon.

But the final report comes after the bell: Amazon

AMZN, + 3,82%

had a tidy range of expectations for income from vacation income, and it would seem to break that model.

Other important reports

• If the current winnings are held, General Electric Co

GE, + 14.62%

shares will announce its biggest one-day increase in more than a decade. Helping the things were the strong accomplishments by the aviation company and renewable energy businesses, which helped to overcome the overall earnings missed.

• Marlboro brand loss is not weighing on Altria Group Inc.

MO, + 1,88%

stocks that are on Thursday despite a mixed report.

• Things are not so sweet at Hershey Co.

HSY, + 0.17%

but the company claims that its acquisitions of "Skinny Pop" and "Pirate's Booty" parent companies announce "strong growth".

• ConocoPhillips

POLICE, + 1.99%

spending a little more on capital spending than some on Wall Street, perhaps liked, according to analyst Mizuho Paul Sanki, but the oil company's shares are moving high on Thursday.

• In perhaps one of the recent reports as a stand-alone company, Celgene Corp.

CELG, -0.19%

noted strong growth in drugs that treat psoriasis and multiple myeloma. Bristol-Meyers Squibb Co.

BMY, + 0.96%

announced its plans to buy Celgene earlier this month.

• Aerospace companies have given mixed signals over the past few days, and the latest to do so is Northrop Grumman Corp.

Night, + 0.86%

who issued a disappointing forecast.

• Charter Communications Inc.

CHTR, + 14.71%

plans to cut capital costs, and MoffettNathanson analyst Craig Moffett said the company "can legitimately be seen as a story growth again."

• Sprint Corp.

S, + 2.48%

made the worst of the wireless hub in terms of post-paid phone network accessories during the fourth quarter, said Walt Pitsik of BTIG, which left 26,000 users out. But AT & T Inc.

T, + 1.60%

was weaker than the year.

I'm coming after the bell

Seek upgrades for Amazon's advertising business during an e-commerce revenue call. Amazon quietly builds an advertising model, with increasing employment and improving its technology, according to Shyam Patil of Susquehanna. These improvements could lead to "significant growth", especially in terms of sponsored products, he said.

Also included in the package are cyber-security names Proofpoint Inc.

PFPT, + 1,52%

and Symantec Corp.

SYMC, -0.19%

Proofpoint adapts its sales practices to announce its growing volume, including by putting more emphasis on international sales. Look at the impact of these changes, which Adams Henderson of Needham calls "a real move" in the long run, even if they have an impact on operating margins.

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