Columbus, Ohio – Columbus Blue jackets have thrown Tampa Bay Lighting 7-3 to complete what is probably the most amazing play in the first round in the modern history of the NHL.

This is the 18th Blue Jackets season in the NHL, and the franchisee did not win the title in the playoffs before winning the Stanley Cup's favorite Lightning, which rounded the record with the redefined NHL season with 62 wins in the top seven Eastern Conference quarterfinal.

Lightning won the trophy of the Presidents as a NHL team number 1. This is the first time the winner of the presidential trophies has been busy in the first round.

Since 1987, the lower seed has won 37.5% of the time in the opening of the NHL. But few saw this anxiety. Lightning were the best offensive team in the league, while Blue Jacks surpassed 19-8 in the series.

Lightning were the best NHL killer team this season, and Blue Jackets were ranked 28th in power. But Blue Jackets have found a way to go 5-for-10 with the advantage of man.

Meanwhile, Tampa Bay's leading league game scored only onetarget against blue jackets.

Seth Jones celebrates the blue goal of the jackets with teammates in the game 4. (Photo: Aaron Dozer, USA DENES Sports)

Lightning will be compared to Boston Bruins from 1970-71 (removed from Montreal Canadiens by Ken Dryden in the shot) or in 1981-82 Edmonton Eulers (extracted from the Los Angeles Kings season Wayne Gretzky scored 92 goals and 212 points). But these series Bruins and Euler went remotely.

This is similar to the 2002-03 Detroit Red Wings engulfed by Jean-Sebastien Giguere led Powerful ducks on Anaheim. However, the Ducks were number 7, and the Red Wings were not the winners of the trophy of the Presidents. In addition, Wings won the Stanley Cup in the previous season – this main group with Lightning has yet to do.

The reasons why Blue Jackets won this series: a ruthless game, a tight defensive game, an enhanced play of power and a strong goalkeeper game. Sergei Bobrovsky had 940 percent savings for playing 4 and finished 30th out of 33 in the final.

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Lightning lost him because their top players did not get stronger until they play 4. Steven Stamkos, Nikita Kucherov, Braiden Point and Tyler Johnson just combined the two goals in the four matches. He scored 156 goals in the regular season. Goalkeeper Andrej Vasilevski was not in the best position. Former striker Victor Hedman was injured. Lightning was not the same team that we saw during the season.

In game 4, Blue Hooks took over in the first with Alexander Texier and Pierre-Luc Duboa. The open four minutes were like the microcosm of the series. The blue jackets played with punishment and Lightning, a team that should have it, did not do it.

The blue jackets never stopped pushing. Even when Lightning gathered to tie the game 3-3 at the end of the second period, the Blue Jackets falsified 54 seconds later in a goal by Oliver Bjorkkrand. They endured the third period of Molding pressure and pushed three blank net targets to seal it.

For the first time, "Blue Hooks" will be played by the winner of the series between Bruins and Javor Leffs. Lightning, after a historic regular season, is the first team eliminated.

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