Monday , May 17 2021

Last night: Westbrook made more triple double history

Russell Westbrook continues to make a triple double history.

In the lead of the Gand past Cavs 100-83, Westbrook scored 23 points, 19 rebounds and 15 assists for the 107th triple-double career, based Jason Kid in third place. Westbrook now follows only Magic Johnson (138) and Oscar Robertson (181) for the toughest doubles in NBA history.

Kid took 1,247 games to reach 107, while Westbrook took only 760.

Westbrook, who closed the triple double before the end of the third quarter, addressed the media after the match and spoke from the heart.

"I am extremely blessed and humiliated so I can go out and play and compete in the NBA," said Westbrook. "Just to be named Jason Kidd and Magic and Oscar and those guys, I could never dream of being able to sit here, to talk to you, to take everything and never take anything for granted."

This triple double Westbrook was unique. It's rare to see a triple double that includes at least 15 points, 15 rebounds and 15 assists. Westbrook took him four times in his career, but only six other players in the past 35 years have achieved this feat.

In order to limit the historic night, Westbrook gave another help for the clutch:

Doncic displays it against the Rockets

Debutant Sensation Luca Doncic created a personal highlighted mix in the first half of Mavs' 128-108 victory over the Rockets.

The first points of the game of Doncic came to a difficult attempt of 3 points. Doncich took James Harden one-on-one and awakened the right corner 3. Nothing but the net.

Later in the first quarter, Doncic took advantage of the defense break by the Rockets and attacked the edge with a monster slam.

Doncic finished the first half by pulling the 39-meter medal to give Dallas a lead of 18 points.

Doncic sat in the fourth quarter and finished with 20 points, six rebounds, three made three points, two assists and one steal. It's not bad for a teenager.

Lillard caught fire in the third quarter

Late at 11 points at the start of the third quarter, Blayers seemed to be heading for fourth direct loss.

That's when Damian Lillard took over, scoring 23 points in the quarter-finals of 7-to-9 shooting from a distance. Lilard set a franchise record with 10 3-way tracks on the road to 41 points, and the Blazers held the Magic 115-112.

Lillard, who did not realize he was on the top 10, surpassed the previous nine-three Portland record that he shared with Nicholas Boutham.

"I honestly did not know that I did 10. If I knew I would go for it," said Liard, adding with a smile: "What is it? Fourteen? Oh, I could have it."

Dashing the night

Timberwolves rookie Josh Okogi has not seen much time in court because Robert Covington and Dario Saric arrived in the Jimmy Butler trade since the 76th.

With the Wolves who cruise to a 128-89 victory over Spurs, Okugi got a chance to play 10 minutes – and he did not spend it.

Okogie made three trips, shared two assists and threw a powerful scoring that brought the crowd and wolves closer to the legs.

Status of the night

James Harden published his first three-times double of the season, and also added six steals to join Magic Johnson as the only players in the history of the NBA with at least 25 points, 17 assists, 11 rebounds and six steals in one game as the thief became official statistics in 1973-74. Johnson did so on March 29, 1981.

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