Wednesday , June 16 2021

Last night: the battle of Kemba Walker

"This is my (something)!"

Such was the marking of Kemba Walker to the euphoric home crowd after finishing in the quarter-finals of the Celtics with his ridiculous triumphant triumph, making Hornets the unsurpassable lead in the final minute on the way to the 117-112 victory.

Pauer de Gras gave Walker 21 points in the fourth quarter and 43 in total, a historic biscuit after his career high 60 points against Seselj on Saturday. With the outbreak, Walker joined five others – all Hall of Fame – to earn at least 40 as soon as they leave for the 60-plus.

It's a rare air for a player who was not so long ago as if it were not a bust, and then definitely disappointed after his choice, before they liked Kavi Leonard, Jimmy Butler and Clay Thompson at 9th place in the draft 2011.

Walker is now at the top of the list of best leagues just before the star of Warriors Steven Curry with 29.6 points per game, the gritty part of what he shapes to be far the best season in his career. The third direct All-Star watering looks like a deadly lock, as well as a massive free-floating deal this summer.

If Hornets can improve on their average 8-8 record, the former Ucón star may even find herself as a slave candidate for Kia MVP. Hold the vote now, and the Celtics coach, Brad Stevens, can only give it.

"You can not go under the screens, you can not give away a free throw, you can not spend a bonus," said Stevens, whose team was powerless to slow down Walker despite entering the top-ranked defense of the league.

"You can not lose it in pixels and rolls. You name it, everything has to be fine." He uses so many of his properties and does it at such an affordable price. "

Kemba Walker for 43 points against Celtics.

Dissatisfaction in D.C.

It was a probation season for Wizards. The playoff team in four of the past five seasons, with three of these appearances that have resulted in wins in rare series, are currently in the vicinity of the bottom of the eastern conference on 5-11.

Sometimes it gets worse, as hints of dysfunction and frustration during their poor start have flooded with more reports of a recent practice in which franchise calendar John Wool allegedly cursed chief trainer Scott Brooks for involvement in his dispute with his colleague Jeff Green.

ESPN announced it The wall was punished despite an apology for Brooks shortly after the incident. The Washington Post additionally announced that Bradley Bill and Austin Rivers also entered the same training, with Bill taking a shot of stress in longtime general manager Ernie Grunfeld in that process.

Later, Bill, still fired, went for the current culture within the organization. According to the people who heard Bill's bullshit, Bill exclaimed something of the effect: "I'm sick of this." He also showed a gesture to Grunfeld, who was sitting on an extremely basic level and said he was dealing with it for seven years and that "started at the top."

Perhaps not surprising, Wizards followed Thursday's double-digit home loss of Nets and Blakes, which Brooks described the latter as "shameful".

"We have to play with only greater enthusiasm, more efforts, more energy," he said.

More everything, quite, or another ESPN report that the wizards are open to trading pretty much anyone on the list can come to the realization.

Revenge of the Embiyad

Taking a sign from their recycling center, Sihers gained a friendly (we think we are) shot dead at the rookie Sun Deanth Eaton after their 119-114 victory.

Details: Ayon made a picture of himself, as mentioned at the aforementioned Waste, Shehers All-Star Joel Embiad, during the photo of Panini's debut. Ayon immediately dropped one down above Embiad in the first minutes, presenting the Sans Social Media Team with an opportunity he could not resist.

But, as the old saying goes, discretion is a better part of courage. Embiad finished dominating the match, roughly doubling the Aiton in points (33-17) and jumps (17-9), which the Shekeri were too happy to celebrate.

A candidate for Shakhtin

And as far as the Embiyans were against the Sun, he still had at least one moment to forget. Not that his teammate Ben Simmons will release it.

Where is D?

If there is one standing during Greg Popovic's term in San Antonio, it is a crushing defense.

However, this was certainly not the case in New Orleans, however, as the Pelicans cut them by an incredible 140 points – the most that they ever allowed in 1,754 games under Popovic.

Pelicans shot 57.8 percent with 34 assists, as four different players scored 21 or more. One of those players, Julius Randle, became the fourth player I shot a triple double in 25 minutes or less.

At least the pop had a sense of humor about it: "We held them at 140. What do you think is hard to keep?"

Rookie feat

Hawks rookie The Yang Trail has its battles, entering into action on Monday with only 24.2 percent to 3, while on average 3.9 turnovers per game.

It did not prevent him from presenting some strange individual performances so far. Despite another rugged night, Yang joined a rare and elite company with 25 points and 17 assists against Clippers.

Wait for it

This quick clip of Curi Irving working on his handle can not seem particularly impressive in the beginning.

Then the camera is back …

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