Saturday , September 19 2020

Lamar Odom's son says father is "in a sunken place" after the engagement


Lamar Odom's son Lamar Morales-Odom has called on his father on Instagram following the announcement of the former NBA baller that he is now engaged in Sabrina Pair.

"It's not [text] or a phone call to see how people have known this friend their whole lives to see how we would feel or react, "Lamar Junior wrote in an Instagram post Monday night. "She had known Shaggy for 4 months and you were already distorted. Famous friends no longer approve of a wife, but she already took her ass in a submerged place. The shame family has to find out on social media, but so was life as a son of smell all the time. "

Former contestant Dancing with the Stars, 40, took to Instagram to reveal his engagement, apparently before sharing the news with family and friends.

In apology to his son, young Odom confesses that he went too far, admitting that he is frustrated that he was not involved in important events and decisions in his father's life.

"I was emotional last night when my dad ventured through social media," Lamar Jr. wrote Tuesday morning. “I was injured and guarded. At the end of the day, I'm a teenager, he becomes a young man. I have to be responsible for what I'm publishing, I have nothing but love for my dad and I want what's best for him. "

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