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Kentucky Government: Closing schools during a polar vortex is "soft"

Kentucky governor Matt Bewin said closing schools due to the freezing temperature caused by the deadly polar whirlpool were a sign that "we are becoming soft."

The counties in the County of Fayette and Jefferson in Lexington, KS, Closed all schools on Wednesday and canceled all activities "due to dangerous cold temperatures and coldness of the wind." Other school districts and many colleges were also closed on Wednesday, when temperatures were expected to float between elevations of 11 degrees and low 4 degrees.

In a radio interview with 840 WHAS on Tuesday, Bevin opposed the decision.

"Come on now, I mean, there's no ice with him or with snow, I mean, what's going on with America?" We're getting soft, Terry, we're getting soft, "said Bevin in an interview with radio host Terry Meiners.

"It's better to err on the side to be safe, and I'm a little upset," said Bevin. "But it worries me little in America, on this and on any number of other fronts, we send messages to our young people that if life is difficult, you can cheer in the position of the fetus somewhere in a warm place and only wait until it stops being difficult, and it's just not a reality. It's just not. "

The National Weather Service issued an advisory wind on Wednesday for parts of Kentucky, warning that cold precipitation at the highest temperature of minus 25 degrees could cause frostbite in only 30 minutes and that minor snowfall would cause "slick road conditions across parts of central Kentucky ".

The Kentucky Education Association, which faced Bevin last year, when teachers took over the state pension system, voiced support for the school's cancellation decisions.

"Children must sit at bus stops or go in one or more kilometers," Doug Stafford, chief republican strategist for Senator Kentucky, Rand Paul Twitter. "No one wants to hear your old stories of walking uphill in both ways when you were a kid."

Bevin, who was re-elected this year, was also quickly criticized by his governor's opponents.

"I would like to have better words to describe the things our governors say from" dumb and mean. "But there are no," Democrat candidate Adam Edelen Twitter.

"The protection of our children from freezing temperatures by freezing the winds is not something that needs to be cracked, and that's not ridiculous," said Republican candidate Robert Goughfort in the Facebook Post. "Some of our precious children do not have proper coats and other items to protect them from this dangerous time."

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