Sunday , April 18 2021

Jupiter will be closer to Earth this month with its largest moons visible with binoculars


NASA has a message for space lovers this month: Look at it. The largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter, will be clearly visible June 10 – and to see its biggest moons, you will only need binoculars.

NASA said the gas giant was "the biggest and brightest this month" and will be visible all night. The planet will reach its opposition, an annual phenomenon when Jupiter, Earth, and Sun are arranged in a straight line, with the Earth at the center. So, mark your calendars on Monday, because it will be the best time of the year to see it.

While a planet known for its brilliant stripes and vivas will be visible to the naked eye, a binoculars or a small telescope only increase its clarity. The devices will also allow people to notice Jupiter's four biggest moons, and perhaps even "glimpse" some of the surrounding clouds surrounding the planet. Scientists believe the planet has combined 79 moons – 53 named and 26 that are waiting for official names.

However, for those who want an even closer look on the planet, the NASA spacecraft "Juno" is currently orbiting Jupiter and capturing incredible shots.

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