Saturday , September 26 2020

John Mac Dermot says plan "should not be merged" within seconds of dying against Browns


Bills had a rookie error, followed by a rookie error, leading to their 19-16 loss to the Cleveland Browns.

After crossing into Browns territory, the Bills quarterfinal, Josh Allen hit a pass from six yards to returning rookie Devin Singletary. He put the accounts in the range of field goals.

But the rookie's first mistake was making the rookie. He did not go out of bounds. The clock continued to work with less than a minute left.

The next rookie mistake is probably the worst thing you could have done from there, and don't rush. Buffalo's insult went away rather than moving quickly to the scratch line.

Buffalo's head coach, John McDermott, acknowledged on Monday that it was not what coaching staff wanted to see.

"The plans were not to be debated at that moment. We had to go down the line and get down the third down and then save the timeout there, "McDermott said.

The bench boss added that it was a mistake that the accounts tried to focus on in the past and will continue to focus on in the future. Maybe even more in detail now.

"These are situations that we practice every week. … We didn't do well enough, so we will come back and look again this week, "McDermott said.

Poor clock management eventually crashed the clock in 22 seconds and remained fourth down after accounts failed to link to third down. It was an attempt to hit Stefan Causka's 53-yard away game.

It was not a shot chip and Causka missed the fifth in a row 50 yards from the shot. Buffalo didn't have to shoot him there and could decide to look for him down the fourth. Bills used it twice before in the fourth down match, but it didn't.

Mac Dermot said he believes the shot is the best chance of winning.

"We're gonna beat that," he said. "That's the way we think. At the very least, trying to put us into overtime in that situation. We had a chance, I thought. "

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