Sunday , January 17 2021

Iannis Antetokonmpo may sign Supermax with implicit right to trade in the future

“Several weeks before the Milwaukee Bucks secured the Rru Holiday trade and a presumed signature and exchange for Bogdan Bogdanovic,” wrote Mark Stein of the New York the circles of the league there was a promising roar that [Giannis] “Antetoconmpo was ready to sign the extension.”

Antetokunmpo is entitled to a supermax extension this off-season in which it can sign a five-year contract for 35 percent of salary hat worth $ 230 million. If Antetokunmpo signs a shorter deal with the Bucks or a rival team in 2021, that would be 30 per cent of the limit.

It was believed that Antetokunmpo would probably opt for immediate financial security by signing before the season and quietly retaining the right to try to force a trade later if he was not satisfied, as [Paul] “George George did one season after re-signing for Oklahoma City,” Stein said in a statement.

Bucks is adamant he would not consider trading with Antetokomunpo if he refuses to sign Supermax.

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