Friday , September 25 2020

Hyatt eliminates travel-sized plastic toilets


Portable shampoo, balsam and bath gel tubs will be replaced with toilet sizes throughout the 220,000-room Hyatt chain starting in June 2021. Changes will affect Hyatt is (N.) 900 hotels worldwide, covering 20 brands, including Hyatt Park, Hyatt Place and Andaz.

"Plastic pollution is a global issue and we hope that our efforts will motivate guests, customers and, indeed, ourselves to think more seriously about our use of plastics," said Mark Schoplamazian, president and CEO of Hyatt, in a press release.

New large format bottles at Hyatt hotels will replace the portable toilets with.

Hyatt also places greater emphasis on encouraging customers to use disposable water bottles by making bottled water available on request only and increasing the number of fresh water stations in their lobby.

The initiative is part of the hotel chain's broader commitment to "reducing consumables and choosing the environmentally friendly options wherever possible", the company said. Hyatt removed its plastic straws and popsicles in September 2018. It is also part of the Clean World program, which recycles and channels soap and gives to poor communities.

Raising plastic

Businesses are facing climate change disruption and customers are increasingly demanding products and services to be environmentally friendly. Cost reductions are another reason why hotels do this because they can spend less to replace portable products.
Marriott (MAR) said in August it was destroying personal toilets from more than 1 million guest rooms, which began in December 2020. The chain, which also owns the Ritz-Carlton & W Hotels, said it expects to reduce its plastic removal by 30% annually.
IHG (IHG) said in July that guests staying in the 843,000 rooms across its global hotel chain will find large-format toilets starting in 2021.
Hilton (HLT), which has more than 950,000 rooms globally, is also transitioning from single use to bulk toilets by next year. The hotel chain has also told CNN Business that there are many other environmental initiatives, including being part of the Clean World soap program and improving energy efficiency.
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