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How many kids have Josh Dugar?

More Daghar's children are on their way. The oldest son-in-law of Dugar, Josh and his wife, Anne, just reported expecting another child. Anne's pregnancy announcement means that three second-generation Duggars are currently expected. Jesse Dugar and the third child of her husband Ben Sivald are expected in June, and Joseph Dugar and Kendra Caldwell expect baby number 2 in the fall.

Josh and Anna have five children

Josh and Anna, who married in 2008, already have five children: McKinsey, Michael, Marcus, Meredith and Mason. Their last child was born in September 2017. Baby number 6 is expected in autumn, the couple said in an Instagram press release.

"We are so excited to announce that we are expecting a new bit! As we see our children grow up and progress – we look forward to giving birth to six people who are accompanying us this autumn!", Wrote Anna, 30-year-old Anna Dagar. The couple had their five children write the announcement in a video that Anne shared on social media.

"We are so happy for Josh and Anna, expecting their sixth child and our 16 grandson! Every child is a blessing from God!" Josh's, Jim Bob, and Michel Daggar's parents on their blog. "Anna and Josh are good parents and it will be neat to see what God does with each of their lives."

Josh's troubled past

Anna and Josh Dugar
Anna Dugar and Josh Dugar in February 2015 Chris Connor / Getty Images

The marriage of Josh and Anna was broken by a scandal in 2015, when it was found that he had harassed five girls when he was a teenager. Four of the victims were his sisters. Shortly afterwards, he resigned his job at the Conservative Family Research Council, and the TLC canceled the performance of his family 19 children and counting.

A few months later, a hacker discovered the information of millions of people who had accounts at Ashley Madison, a website designed to ease extramarital affairs. Josh was one of them. He later admitted that he was unfaithful to Anne. In the end, he entered a cure for treating addiction to sex.

While some followers of the Dugar family hoped that Anne would leave Josh after harassment and cheating on the revelations, she decided to stay married. The family left Washington DC, DC and moved to Josh's home state of Arkansas. Josh is now selling used cars.

Are new pregnancy announcements coming soon?

Some viewers of Dugar believe that another announcement of a pregnancy may come in the near future. There are rumors that Joy-Anne Dugar and her husband, Austin Fortith, expect baby no. 2. The couple talks about the desire to expand their family.

John-David Dugar and his wife Abby got married in November. Given that Duggars often have children soon after embarking on the altar, it would not be surprising if this couple had little baby news soon.

Finally, Josiah Duggar and his wife Lauren, who married last summer, recently discovered that she suffered a miscarriage. Lauren shared the Instagram grieving news because "everyone is expecting to announce that we have a baby."

Later, Laurent thanked fans for their support in difficult times. "I just want to thank all of you and all of you for your prayers, support and for all of you, Mom there for sharing your angelic white stories," she wrote to Instagram. "It's easy to share those happy times in our lives, but to share something hard, how a baby's loss can be like putting salt on the wound. I know that you shared your stories, not only helped me, but also many other women who went through the same examinations. "

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