Saturday , September 26 2020

Grid for Stadia has 40-car mode that "is not possible with other hardware"


(Image Credit: Codemaster)

The Google Stadia launch list was unveiled earlier this week, and while the Codemasters & Grid reboot will not be among them, it is still expected to begin this year. When that happens, it will come with a new multiplayer mode that is unavailable on PCs or consoles, at the same time it can boast 40 cars on track.

The reason this won't come to computer? Because Stadium technology is the only way to make it feasible. GRID Development Director Mark Green said a lot in a recent interview with WCCFTech. Speaking about the differences between the development for Stadium and more conventional platforms, Green singled out the current streams of technology.

"Perhaps the biggest difference was streaming, but the ability of the Stadium to talk to the other Stadium so quickly transforms some ideas about multiplayer – for example developing a brand new mode for the GRID Stadium that has 40 cars on the track at the same time. , something that is not possible with other hardware ".

Later Green adds that the 40-car mode is "probably" only scratching the surface of what Google's streaming technology is capable of, but he doesn't go into detail as to why the 40-car mode is only possible. with "Stadium". In a world of 100 royal players who can work on mobile networks, there may be race-specific considerations that make it difficult for non-working technology.

Google Stadium goes live on November 19th.

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